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Tour Management

One of the main attractions in Pakistan that you’ll come to see and even at times, experience are the tours of the different direction that this country has to offer, whether it be to the Sindh side in the south to traverse some deserts and look at the Cholistan fort or be it at the north to take in the beauty of the Himalayan range alongside the amazing Kashmir with a side of hills and the greenery that compliments it. Whatever the nature of your tour be, Bhai Sahab has you covered with their vast array of rental car available for your convenience.

Not only will we provide you with the tools necessary for travel such as Rent a Car but we will also arrange the whole trip for you in a neatly compiled, descriptive package with each detail laid out in an itinerary form for you decide which tour would suit your desires.

Our wide array of cars can quip with any sort of tour you so desire, be it a joint family trip to the northern side or a close group of friends in an SUV exploring the hilly areas of Pakistan. We have our 48 seaters to 4 seaters, you can be planning will be so much more flexible when you consider Bhai Sahab.

One of the best things about Bhai Sahab is that our organization is the amalgamation of everything you want for traveling, not only do we provide with rental cars but we also plan tours and trips for you, you can plan a whole outing from scratch by just being present, not many organizations provide the array of services that we do, all under one roof.

Our motto “Explore Pakistan with comfort” displays that we take our tours seriously, those long winding roads and travels that can go on for days and nights can be quite tiresome, which is why we strive to make your journey as comfortable as possible by maintaining our vehicles so that they are capable of helping you reach your destination all the while, making that trip as comfortable as possible for you, your family and your business partner.

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