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Why Bikes Need to Get Separate Lane in Lahore

We all are familiar with the heavy traffic in Pakistan specially in big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Many road accidents occur daily due to this traffic situations in Pakistan. There are many reasons of these road accidents but one of the main reasons of these road accidents is motorbikes. Motor bikers do not bother to wait for their turn even in traffic and this cause congestion. In such situation either people lose their temper or lose their side mirrors! People prefer to rent a car in Lahore and in different cities to avoid driving in such traffic situations. Keeping in mind all these situations, Punjab Safe City Authority has made its decision to announce a separate motorbike line in Lahore. The basic reason of creating separate line for motorbikes is to regulate the traffic and lessen congestion.

Punjab Safe City Authority make this move to ensure traffic follow in the city. In Punjab motorbikes, bike riders are more then Cars and that is the reason the separate line for motorbikes is very essential to control congestion of bikes on roads. Punjab Safe City Authority has instructed the traffic police and has given strict orders to Traffic Police if any bike rider did not obey the rule Punjab Safe City Authority send e-challan against this. Mostly, the bike riders are from teenagers and they are not very mature about it and they try to overtake each other and other vehicles and such situation may cause to occur road accident. Punjab Safe City Authority issues a large number of e-challan in this year to regulate the traffic follow on the road.

Having separate line for bike riders can be beneficial for you in many ways, some of benefits are listed below:

  • Having separate lines for bike riders not only facilitate motor bike riders but it is also a great pleasure for cyclists and pedestrians. Slow speed vehicles like Cyclists can not compete with high speed vehicles specially in traffic situations. So, this separate line allows cyclists and pedestrians to travel in peace and in safer space.
  • Separate line for bike riders also has lower implementation cost as compared to road reconstructions. It can be further lowered by using existing pavements and drainage.
  • Separate lines of bike riders lower or eliminates the fear of collision of bike riders with opening parked car doors and with vehicles try to overtake other vehicles.
  • On one-way streets, separate lines of bike riders increase the density of bicycle network. It also improves the connectivity and directness of bicycles and motor cycles routes.
  • Separate bike riders’ lines provide dedicated and protected space of bicyclists and motor bike riders. It makes it an attractive option for bike riders of all levels and all age groups.
  • On one-way streets, separate lines of bike riders reduce the risk of collision of bike riders with each other.
  • These separate lines also discourage double parking in the motor bike lines and helps to regulate the smooth follow of traffic in this lane.


By introducing separate lines for bike riders, we can make our traffic smooth. This will provide more space for those who use their own cars or hire Cheap Rent A Car in Lahore. In Lahore separate line for motorbikes has made on Mall Road and Canal Road. The reason of introducing these policies is to make sure that the traffic problems and road accidents problems are in control and make a safe road system in every city. Punjab Safe City Authority announced new policies and work hard to teach everyone about their drive on the road under the rules.

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