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When Will Tourism reopen in Pakistan?

The travel industry is a focused area of the current government. A few activities are being undertaken to collect the potential offered by the travel and tourism industry. The government has established the National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB) to create and improve coordination with regions, federal ministries, and private actors. It also facilitates the development of policies, systems, structures, and so on.

NTCB also aim to market and promote the travel industry and tourism nationally and globally; and limit working for the provision of quality human resources. The establishment of NTCB promotes many businesses in the country like restaurants, café, and rental car agencies. NTCB is commanded to:

  • Coordinate with provincial, national, and worldwide associations managing the travel industry and tourism sector. 
  • Market and Promote the travel industry and tourism potential of Pakistan. 
  • Facilitate the regions in building up a regulatory structure for quality standards in the Hospitality division. 
  • Arrange national participation in the travel and tourism industry related to worldwide exhibitions and events. 
  • Create synergies among areas and districts. 
  • Give Technical help to regions to create foundations in the travel industry and tourism sectors.

Tourism in Pakistan

From the great stretches of the Karakoram’s in the North to the immense alluvial delta of the Indus River in the South, Pakistan stays a place of high experience and nature. There are a couple of activities like Mountaineering, Hiking, mountain white water rafting, and desert jeep safaris, fishing, and bird watching, which allure the experience and nature lovers to Pakistan. 

Pakistan is blessed with a rich and wide-ranging flora and fauna. High Himalayas, Karakoram and the great ranges of Hindukush with their alpine fields and permanent snow line, coniferous forests down the sub-mountain scour, the tremendous Indus plain converging into the great desert, the coastline, and wetlands, all offer an amazingly rich variety of vegetation and related wildlife including avifauna, both endemic and migratory. 

Protest in Gilgit-Baltistan 

A large number of individuals affiliated with the travel/tourism industry and transport sectors organized a protest sit-in on the Karakoram Highway against the closure of tourist destinations in Gilgit-Baltistan for the last couple of months. 

They warned to walk towards Islamabad if the sector was not revived to tourists and travelers with immediate impact. 

Hundreds of people related with hoteling, public transport, rental cars, and tour managers gathered at the China Chowk in Gilgit, and later blocked the Karakoram Highway, chanting slogans against the government for not regarding its promise to open the region to travelers and tourists. 

According to protesters, a large number of individuals affiliated with the travel and tourism industry had gotten jobless.

Tourism re-open in Pakistan

Considering all these protests and financial conditions of people on the northern side of Pakistan, Hammad Azhar, federal minister for industries and production, announced that the government is thinking to open the tourist spots.

He declared that the federal government is discussing with the provinces to open up tourist destinations, cafés, and marriage halls in the country with the important standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

He also shared that the government is reviewing the timing of the business sectors, markets, and industries permitted to operate currently. He included that NCOC has also gathered the recommendations and asked provinces to finalize SOPs and enforcement strategies. 

The federal government has begun opening up organizations and divisions gradually with the significant SOPs for industries. The divisions that may now open up will be permitted to continue tasks under SOPs after March.

Date of re-opening different sectors

The federal government has decided on 6th August, Thursday, to permit the reopening of café, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, beauty parlors, gyms, and other organizations in the recreational and hospitality sector at the end of this week. 

Limitations and restrictions on the travel and tourism industry, including hotels, will be removed as early as 8th August. Cafés, cinemas, expo-centers, shrines, and many other businesses have been permitted to reopen from 10th August. The ban on public transport, metro cab services in Lahore and other cities and pillion riding has also been removed.

  • All the tourist destinations, hotels, café, restaurants will be re-opened on 8th August 2020.
  • All the beauty parlors, gyms, fitness clubs, cinemas, theatres, and public transports will be operational on 10th August 2020. 
  • Marriage halls and educational institutes will be functional from 15th September 2020.
  • Businesses and industries have also been permitted to revive their previous office timings.

The tourism and travel sector must follow all the SOPs prepared by the government for the safety of people in Pakistan. SOPs for the restaurant and cafes will be prepared in the next 2-3 days. It is mandatory to seek permission from the government before arranging events that could attract a large audience. In the case of a large crowd, citizens must follow the guidelines and SOPs issued by their provincial government.

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