traveling facts about pakistan

Travelling Facts About Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is often depicted in the media as a war-torn hellhole and the travel industry in Pakistan is nearly non-existent. But that is not the only truth. Every year, a large number of adventure backpackers, tourists, and die-hard climbers travel to Pakistan. 

Traveling in Pakistan is a truly unique experience, it can be exasperating, enlightening, life-changing and, more often than not, astonishing. Pakistan is the ultimate hiking goal and if you are a fan of real experience and adventure, it’s the time for you to book your flight,hire your rent a car and get ready to explore Pakistan! There are many reasons to travel to Pakistan and some of the traveling facts about Pakistan are mentioned here:

The world’s largest deep Seaport

Pakistan’s superior position in Asia makes it a hub of trade in the region and that is to increase further in the coming time as the country is working inseparably with China on CPEC plan to build up the infrastructure of the Gwadar port at the Arabian Sea, Baluchistan which is the largest natural deep port of the planet. The port will go about as a portal for western China and possibly for the landlocked Central Asian countries through the significant sea route of the Strait of Hormuz.

Cultural Diversity

Pakistan is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse regions – From the South Asian looking individuals of Punjab and Sindh; to the individuals of the Pashtun territories, closer to Iran or Afghanistan; the agnostic culture of Kalash; the Shias from Gilgit and Nagar; the Ismailis of lower Hunza and the Wakhis (and also Ismailis) of upper Hunza. Visiting Pakistan is like going to several, different ting countries. It’s captivating.

People are Simply Amazing

The Pakistani individuals are, without a doubt, the most hospitable, the most friendly, kind and welcoming people. From the busy streets of Lahore to the interesting mountain towns of Hunza, local people here welcome you warm-heartedly and offer you tea and snacks.

People, especially in the northern regions of Pakistan, often offer you to visit their families in their villages. They even offer you a company for hiking and your other activities. People here are quite hospitable and often treat you like a king and showing you around their local town.

World’s highest Paved Road

It is also known as the eighth wonder of the world or the China-Pakistan friendship highway. The Karakoram Highway is the world’s highest paved road ever constructed. The street runs for 800 miles from Abbottabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in Xinjiang, West China. The highest point of the street lies at the Khunjerab Pass at an elevation of 4800 meters. Each turn of the highway is accompanied by extraordinary views as the way runs through hills, mountains, valleys, glaciers and along lakes and streams.

Unbelievable Landscapes

Alright, even the most illiterate of map readers should know that Pakistan is renowned for its mountains, valleys, streams, glaciers, and woods… This is a country with too much of truly wondrous destinations and the travel industry in Pakistan will undoubtedly take off in the long run! 

Five of the world’s fourteen highest mountain peaks, including the renowned and deadly K2, are found in Pakistan. If you are into your climbing, boating or trekking, Pakistan is the nation for you. 

World’s Second-largest Salt Mines

Khewra Mines of Pakistan produce 325,000 tons of salt every year and are mythical to be found by Alexander’s Army by chance when their horses started licking the salts while the soldiers rested. In this manner, resulting in the disclosure of the modern world’s second-largest salt mine. The mammoth mines have more than 40 km of passages alongside their mosque inside. To attract tourists salty miniature variants of the Great Wall of China, Minar-e-Pakistan and Badshahi Mosque are found inside Khewra Salt mines.

Fantastic Treks

Pakistan has a portion of the world’s best trekking, far better than Nepal. There are several truly fabulous treks that you can do in Pakistan – from simple day treks to multi-week trek trips – and even the laziest of hikers will get the opportunity to see some spectacular landscape. 

Hitchhiking is too Easy

It is so easy – that from time to time, it’s quicker and simpler than taking public transport, particularly on the Karakoram Highway (from Gilgit to Khunjerab Pass). Everyone will want to pick you up! So, you have a chance to hitchhike instead of hiring any rental car or any public transport.

In a nutshell, Pakistan is an adventure play area. This is a country which has everything; friendly local people, beautiful landscapes, incredible treks, undiscovered white-water rafting, unknown treks, colorful festivals, tasty food, and just enough excites to keep you on your toes. 

A visit to Pakistan is not your standard adventure, this is an opportunity to truly connect with the local individuals and to see a country which, truly, no one knows a lot about.

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