trending destinations in pakistan 2020

Top Trending Destinations in Pakistan 2020

Pakistan has one of the most attractive places on the planet with great valleys and lakes, mountains, rivers, and natural climate. Some of the best stunning destinations for travelers are inside Pakistan and particularly in parts of Kashmir and Northern Areas.

People from foreign countries come to appreciate the beauty of Pakistan. People within the country also prefer to spend their summer vacations in northern areas, they book Rental cars and plan their summer trips with their family members. 

Pakistan is loaded with natural glory and amazing snowy areas that will make you love the country to an ever-increasing extent.

If you love adventure, then you must take your car or book a car to visit Pakistan for some dazzling destinations, we have shortlisted some top destinations that you should visit to feel an exceptional experience. 


This mountaineer heaven is situated in the outrageous north of Pakistan along the borders of China. Pakistan bears five of the tallest 14 mountain tops of the world, and four of these can be seen from Concordia.


Truly, the greater part of us read about this place in our Pakistan history books and truly wanted to go visit however never truly got to yet this is one of those destinations in Pakistan that places our country on the world guide positively. Situated in Sindh, Mohenjo-Daro is an archeological site. The Indus River Valley civilization assembled the city of Mohenjo-Daro in what is currently Pakistan around 4,500 years back. Worked around 2500 BCE, it was perhaps the biggest settlement of the old Indus Valley Civilization, and one of the world’s earliest major urban settlements.


Galyat comprises seven hill stations arranged in the Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is known for its picturesque excellence, climbing tracks, and lovely climate and is effectively available from both Murree and Abbottabad.

Drive time from Islamabad is usually around two hours. You can hire cheap rent a car in Lahore and go for a one day trip to galyat. It is a well-known traveler resort in the summer. It is forested with pine, cedar, oak walnut, and maple trees. It is too much serene and appealing for sightseers concerning its magnificence when contrasted with Murree.

Accommodations are admirable here; hotels and resorts offer phenomenal accommodations with all facilities. The most well-known hotels in Galyat are:

  • Green Retreat
  • Elites Hotel
  • Amore Hotel and many other hotels and rest houses.

The most trending destinations in Galyat to see are

  • Dunga Gali
  • Ayubia National Park
  • Mashkpuri
  • Khaira Gali
  • Dunga Gali Ayubia Walking Trek
  • Changla Gali

White Palace Swat

White Palace Marghazar is the only amazing area in the Swat region that is arranged at a good distance of around 12 kilometers from the city of Mingora.

In addition to the fact that tourists visit Marghazar for its natural magnificence and charming climate yet also to visit the memorable White Palace (worked in 1941), it worked during the time of Swat state.

After the White Palace was constructed on the orders of the founder of the current Swat state, named Miangul Abdul Wadood also known as Badshah Sahab. Marghazar changed into the capital of Swat state in the summer season. Indeed, even today, over seven decades later, White Palace stays a fascination for visitors.

The Palace does not simply look wonderful in summer; even during winter, it remains charming particularly after the snowfall.

Gojal Valley

Gojal Valley is renowned for the rich culture and natural scenery, amazing nature, outstanding magnificence, lavish green foliage, sparkling glaciers, and beautiful meadows, fruits, and nature.

Bordering with Pakistan and China, this is ‘where Pakistan starts’. Most of the months this valley is capped with snow. 15,397 feet above ocean level, Gojal Valley has its own customs and celebrations. In general, an excellent spot that furnishes you with courses for some new destinations.

Ayun And Bamburet Valley

Ayun district is a town of Chitral. Found 12 kilometers south of the city at the confluence of the River Bamburet. There are no words to explain the excellence of the mountains encompassing the town.

One of the three Kalash Valleys is Bamburet Valley. Bamburet is about a two-hour journey from Chitral. People follow their roots to Alexander the Great and Greece. Bamburet valley is a beautiful valley with lavish greenery and mountains that give you a sense of serene and isolation.

The magnificence and the calmness of these top destinations can’t be explained with the words. Pakistan has a lot of potentials to build its travel industry.

This green land is the only spot where you can meet with the Himalayas and the Karakoram ranges. The peacefulness in Pakistan has numerous dramatic folds, which must be uncovered when you visit Pakistan for your next outing.

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