Top Reasons to Rent a car While Visiting Northern Areas in Pakistan

One of the main attractions when one visits Pakistan is the northern areas. While you may visit Pakistan for family, but one of the other reasons that would really attract foreigners and others alike are the northern areas, the beautiful Kashmir side or the Gilgit Baltistan side, the mountains, high altitude trekking. Camping under the clear star-studded skies and escaping the heat to the chilly weather of the north. Such reasons compel a person to take a break and head north with their loved ones and unwind with nature.

So the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about planning a trip to the northern side is that you probably need transport and one of the solutions to that is availing a rent a car in Lahore or any other city from where you depart., depending from your point of departure, the travel is very long and tiring but that makes it all worth it. If you depart from Lahore or Islamabad, it can still take you up to 2-3 days of travel to the really northern side of Pakistan, to places such as Shandur which hosts the highest polo games and Chitral and fairy meadows from where you can get a nice view of Nanga Parbat, one of the five 8000 m+ peaks in Pakistan. The northern areas are a treat for wherever you may roam, a good break from the city side.

To reach this side of Pakistan, you’ll need a decent set of wheels. The roads are steep and certain cars are able to reach and travers through these roads built on the side of numerous mountains. Your best bet would be SUVs with V6 and V8s equipped, so local favorites like the Land cruiser and Prado are really decent to travel around the northern areas, not to mention quite spacious and more people in the same car, so more comfort, more people in the same car equals to a better time. However, this is a luxury, and luxuries in life aren’t cheap. So if you do have the extra money or you don’t mind spending to get the most out of your trip, an SUV is the way to go.

However, if you are more conscious about the budget and don’t want to go too overboard than opt for a Cheap Rent a car in Lahore or from any other city where you can find a suitable rate, and then move on to renting a sedan or a mid-size engine hatchback, like a Suzuki swift would do. Although a sedan would be your best bet since it would the safest bet to reach any part of the northern area and light on the budget so going for a sturdy Corolla could work. Since smaller cars with lighter engines usually overheat and you would run to a lot of technical issues and even stop and cool down the engine to some extent. So if you find yourself in the midst of planning a trip and don’t have a car, renting one becomes a very good option, a well maintained sedan will serve you well.

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