lahore roads in a fogy weather

Tips to Drive in Foggy Weather in Lahore

Every winter, cities in the upper and central parts of Pakistan wear a blanket of mist and fog. Lahore is one of those cities which are covered with a blanket of fog and local people here plan their trips to enjoy this beautiful weather. Many people plan their winter holiday trips ahead of time, pack their bags, book their flights, hire Rent a Car and reserve their hotels.

But due to the blanket of fog, every other day there is news about fog, the delays on airports and train terminals as well as certain road closures especially the Motorways. 

So, it is important to keep yourself safe. There are a couple of tips which everybody should follow to stay safe while driving in foggy weather. 

Speed Limit:

In foggy weather, you should take care of the speed limit, you should drive at a speed that suits the foggy conditions. Ensure the headlights are turned ON.

Maintenance check:

Regardless of whether you are going towards your goal with a clear climate forecast, the wave of fog may shock you in the middle of your trip. In such a case, you should be well-prepared to experience the challenges you’ll confront while driving in winters. To guarantee the vehicle fitness, look at the essential parameters of your vehicle especially if you’re using a rental car before setting out on a trip like whether the headlights are working properly with a low beam, the battery level, oil level, tire’s air-pressure, windshield defogger, and wiper blades. It may sound tricky to understand the link of these parameters with fog yet you never want to stop with your vehicle on a street with thousands of vehicles moving around. So, do a maintenance check before planning a trip.

Keep a safe Distance:

Keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to account for unexpected stops or changes in the traffic patterns.

Avoid lane Change:

It is not a great practice to switch to another lane while driving in foggy conditions. Regardless of whether you are going on the motorway or inside a city, keep in your path to avoid any risk of hitting other vehicles. Keep your driving as simple as possible and focus on the road instead of getting ahead of others.

Use Low Beam Headlight:

Numerous individuals think that utilizing a high beam will permit them to see the street ahead in fog, however that is not the situation. A low beam concentrates the light towards the road better than a high-beam that experiences reflection by the haze water droplets. A decent number of individuals in Pakistan are dependent on using high beam in normal driving conditions also and they do the same in a haze, which worsens the visibility conditions. It’s suggested to utilize a yellow sticker paper on your headlights that will improve the visibility in the haze. It’s a bonus if you have use fog lamps in your vehicle that allow you to focus on the road more effectively.

Roll Down your Window:

As in the foggy weather, you can see vehicles around you clearly especially if they haven’t turned their headlights on. So, lower your window – listen to the traffic you can’t see.

Avoid Frequent Braking:

While driving in a thick fog, try not to apply brake too frequently. It sends a befuddling message to the driver coming behind you and may result in a loss on the road. So, always push the brake pedal when compulsory to slow down. Braking slowly is another procedure that will tell others through the brake light that you are slowing down and they can change their speed accordingly.

Don’t Speed Up:

Try not to speed up suddenly, regardless of whether the fog seems to be clearing. You could find yourself suddenly back in the mist

Use windshield wipers and defogger:

It’s a typical practice to have your windscreen, and the rear screen gets blind in such foggy conditions. Always make sure to use defogger to have a clear view of what is in front of you and coming behind you. The windshield wipers will assist you to keep your windscreen clean from outside. 

Don’t Jam Your Vehicle

Try not to jam your vehicle while experiencing a blanket of fog. You could become the first victim in a pile-up.

Call Helpline for Guidance or Help

If you are hoping to set out on a trip on the motorway, you can always dial 130 and take direction from the motorway police about the closure of any segment of the motorway because of fog. The helpline will tell you valuable info about the route. If you are facing any trouble or need direction while traveling on the motorway, you can, in any case, call the helpline.

Driving in dense fog is a challenging experience, and you have to ensure you are well-prepared for that during winters. Your life is more valuable, so take the important steps to protect yourself from any danger. Try not to use a cell phone while driving. Drive safe and protect everybody safe on the road. Happy winters!

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