tips for travelling to balochistan

Tips for Travelling to Balochistan

Ever since Balochistan turned out to be a part of Pakistan, the territory that makes 44% of Pakistan’s total region remains a puzzle to the entire world. The mineral-rich ingenious and skilled lands of Balochistan has a side that trumps its ingenuity; that side is astounding and awesome magnificence, catering tourists to the top attractions of Balochistan. 

Since numerous Pakistanis have made a trip to Balochistan or know much about this province Balochistan, the vacation spots usually go unnoticed and unobserved. In any case, local people of the province, ensure they benefit from the beautiful scenes and hills of the gold-laden region.

So, if you haven’t visited this beautiful province yet then plan it today, hire a Cheap Rent a Car and reserve your rooms to be prepared ahead of time. To help you with your trip to Balochistan, here are some tips for traveling to Balochistan:

Quetta/The Capital City

Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, 1692 meters above ocean level, lies at the mouth of Bolan Pass. It has three huge rugged mountains. The name Quetta is originated from the word “Kwatta” which implies a fort and, almost certainly, it is a natural fortification surrounded for what it’s imposing hills on all sides. The circling hills have the resounding names of Chiltan, Takatoo, Murdaar, and Zarghoon, that appear to brood upon this charming town. There are different mountains that outline a ring around it. Their copper red and tan rocks and peaks that are powdered with snow in winters add huge charm to the town. The main road and the commercial center of the capital city (Quetta) are Jinnah Road, where the Tourist Information center point of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, as the banks cafés and handicraft shops, are found.

Kund Malir

The four-hour drive from Karachi to Balochistan may appear to be overwhelming however we promise it’s worth it. The clear blue ocean at Kund Malir is unlike anything you’ll find in Karachi. You can spend a slow day relaxing at the beach or in case you’re feeling adventurous, you can go for scuba diving or cliff jumping.

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park, also called Hingol National Park, is one of the most extraordinary spots to visit in Balochistan displaying incredible natural magnificence. Individuals living in Karachi can also viably include this spot in their wish-list while choosing spots to visit in Balochistan for day trips. Hingol National Park covers thousands of acres of land, including littoral land and the very well-known Kund Malir beach. Balochistan is famous for its biodiversity. A stunning number of more than 200 types of birds and animals live here.

Pir Ghaib (The Invisible Saint) Waterfalls – Bolan, Balochistan

Pir Ghaib Falls, Bolan – This is a stunning view of Pir Ghaib, Balochistan. Local people here believe in the fantasy of the Invisible Saint (Pir Ghaib), who was set out of danger by the Almighty after a devilish King’s men attacked him. The Saint hit a stick in the mountain from which the water still spills out to date.


A visit to Quetta is not complete without a tour to Ziarat. Arranged 133 kilometers (3 hours via vehicle) from Quetta at a height of 2449 meters above ocean level, Ziarat is a holiday resort in the midst of one of the biggest and oldest Juniper forests on the planet. It is said that some of the Juniper trees are as old as 5000 years. The name Ziarat signifies ‘Holy place’. A local holy person, Kharwari Baba, is believed to have lived in the valley and blessed it. After his death, he was buried here in the ziarat. Individuals most of the time visit the saint’s shrine, which is 10 kilometers from Ziarat. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has a Motel Complex with 18 comfortable and cozy rooms and cottages. Accommodation can be reserved from the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Offices in Quetta. The apple cultivated in the gardens, especially the dark and red Kulu collection is delicious.

Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park

One of the most astounding tourist places to visit in Balochistan offering the amazing natural beauty of Balochistan with views of dry mountains is Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park. It is situated in the Mastung district. Built-up during the 1980s, this national park of Balochistan additionally serves as a sanctuary for Chiltan goat and Sulaiman Markhor that are jeopardized animals. Covering thousands of acres of land, this place is situated in suburbia of the city of Quetta. Hazarganji-Chiltan national park’s name is roused by its surrounding regions as on its west is the region of Hazarganji and on its east is Chiltan.

Make sure to load up on snacks and drinks in your Rental car on your outing and ensure you have all the important things to keep in your car. Also, make sure to reserve your hotel in time to avoid any inconvenience and enjoy your trip! ? 

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