maintainig your car during covid-19

Tips for Maintaining Your Car During this Pandemic

If you are taking some necessary maintenance steps for your personal car or your business cars, in case you run a business of cheap rent a car in Lahore or any other city, then you are in good company even in this pandemic.

Numerous individuals are validly staying away from auto service stations as a component of their social distancing efforts. Others may accept that automobile maintenance is not a priority task if their vehicles are not being driven much of the time.

Actually, the regular maintenance efforts are still very important for the life span and ongoing care of your vehicle. You can stay safer, more secure, and give your vehicle the attention that it needs by following these tips.

Keep the Battery Charged by Driving your Vehicles Once Per Week

Vehicle batteries discharge after some time, and the easiest approach to prevent a dead battery is to drive your vehicle at regular times. 

However, there are no one-size-fits-all answers to the subject of how regularly to take your vehicle for a run. It is also considered that it rather relies heavily on the following things:

  • The age of your vehicle
  • The condition of your battery
  • Your local weather
  • Your parking spot, whether inside or outside

For example, a new vehicle with a fresh and new battery, probably and being parked in a garage — will fare better than a vehicle that is old and parked on the street. Remember that batteries tend to drain faster in the relatively cold climate. 

It is recommended by the rental car experts to start driving your vehicle once a week to avoid a dead battery. While idling your vehicle might be better than nothing, in actuality, driving your vehicle is the most ideal approach to recharge a battery in a timely way, regardless of the distance covered by the vehicle.


Aside from the above-mentioned tips, one essential must-do is vehicle cleaning. Get your vehicle washed at least once per week. The dust that amasses on vehicles here affects the paint in the long run, apart from making vehicles look awful. A greater concern is bird droppings, which are very acidic and can genuinely harm the paintwork of your vehicle. A car wash or basic cleaning with wet fabric at least once seven days can save you loads of cerebral pain.

Gas up

If your car is going to be idle for more than a month, top it off to the top to avoid moisture from working up. Drivers can also add fuel stabilizers to save the fuel lines and corrosion of the engine. 

Driving Also Helps You Avoid Flat Spots

A vehicle with sagging tires parked in your garage or on the street during the coronavirus pandemic is not a good thing. 

Tires lose pressure after some time, and if a vehicle sits for a really long time, the weight of the vehicle can cause flat spots to create where the rubber thing meets the road paper writer. Tires with flat spots may have to be hurled out and traded for new ones, so vehicle proprietors should do what they can to prevent that cerebral pain. 

Luckily, the schedule of driving at least once a week to keep your battery charged and segments moving should help to prevent potential flat spots.

Keep Your Moving Parts of Your Car Lubricated

Driving a vehicle normally keeps the battery charged, in addition, it also saves the motor and different mechanicals from drying out. If a vehicle sits for a really long time, oil begins to settle, fluids start to separate, and seals can start to dry out, which can harm your vehicle. 

Taking your vehicle out for a short drive assists with keeping fluids circulating and guarantees all the moving parts — the transmission, brakes, etc. — stay lubricated in the best way. That is one significant explanation that going out for a drive is better than basically idling your vehicle in the garage. 

Concerning how frequently to drive your vehicle, as it was mentioned previously that it is best to start driving your vehicle at least once a week, however once every two weeks is also fine.These are the few tips that you can follow for the betterment of your personal car or rent a car during this pandemic.

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