things to know before you go for a camping

Things to Know Before you go for Camping

Camping can provide you a very bonding and nourishing experience with your companions, family, Mother Nature, or maybe all three. In 2018, almost 41.67 million cheerful campers packed up their stuff and headed into the woods for a day or 2. But it can easily be turned into a nightmare if you experience any of these:

  • Portable oven nuked hotdogs
  • Falling tents
  • Attacking bears 

These are the things that can’t really wake you up. Fortunately, there are numerous steps that can help you to nail camping early and help you to get a wholesome outdoor experience. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of things that you should know before you go camping so that you can have an amazing camping experience without any issue.

Become Familiar with Your Gear

You might have a lot of adventurous traveling experience of hiking and road trips like trying a new and local dish or trying local metro cab service in some foreign destination. But the same cannot be done in the case of camping. In most cases, campers usually don’t try their new gear until they reach their destination.

It is quite normal to watch campers bungle for many hours trying to figure out how to set up their camps. As per famous saying that practice makes a man perfect. It is highly recommended for you to set up tents in your terrace or backyard before taking them outdoors.

Check how lamps work and camp stoves to ensure they are ready to operate. Give your camping bed a try and spend one night on the living room floor in your camp to check how well you rest in it. Be smart and become familiar with your gear beforehand.

What to Wear Camping

Getting dirty is fun, so wear things that look good smudged. Be wise what to wear while going for camping. Cotton is generally a no-no on the grounds that wet cotton can make you feel frozen and miserable, even in pleasant weather.

Do bring a comfortable coat, in addition to long underwear, some gloves, a beanie and a pair of warm socks for nights, along with a raincoat just to be prepared. Also, pack some reasonable (durable) shoes for your feet just as a pair of slippers for late-night bathroom breaks.

Use a Checklist

Many campers don’t use a checklist as they don’t consider it important. But it is no fun getting to the campsite and discovering that you have forgotten something important.

Stay organized and ensure nothing is left behind by having a checklist app on your smartphone or traditional checklist. Use it while packing your stuff and check off everything that you have packed. Update the list or revise it as per your need. If something breaks or wears out, add a replacement to it. If something is not really useful, take it off the list.

Arrive at the Campground in the early hours

Many campers, especially those who are trying camping for the first time, aren’t familiar with the rules and amenities of the campground. It is common sense if you have never done camping before, how are you supposed to know?

Show up in the early hours to give yourself an opportunity to get familiar with the campsite layout. Make your campsite neighbors happy and prepare camp during day hours. It’s a lot simpler when you can see what you’re doing. 

Sleep well

While going camping the most important things to remember are the camp, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, or cushions. Being adventurous doesn’t mean that you wake up with a pain in your neck or back.

The size of the tent relies upon the number of people who are supposed to squeeze in. It is also recommended that you have some weather-resistant in your car if you have your personal car or if you have used a rental car or local transport then make sure that you pack it in your luggage because it is better to be prepared.

Play it safe

Indeed, you want to look like a boss. However, we cannot all be Bear Grylls. Following the tips mentioned above should make any outdoor camping experience going great. But remember that it is ideal to camp with others, so somebody can always call for help in case of any emergency. 

With the presence of mind and common sense, the right gear, and a positive attitude, Mother Nature will immediately become your second home. So, act smart and play it safe.

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