6 captivating things to do in Nathia Gali (Day trip from Lahore)

Whenever someone visits Pakistan or Lahore/Islamabad or somewhere in Punjab in general, they get tired of the metropolis city life at one point and want to embark on a road trip that would let them experience scenery like never before and for this, it requires to take on a journey to our very own northern side of Pakistan. While there are so many areas to in the north to explore, it can practically take up to months to get there, explore them and enjoy them, it’s practically a whole new Pakistan when you reach the north, as you elevate, so does the beauty and the scenery.
So for an appropriate day trip, we chose Nathia Gali as a place that is easily (somewhat) accessible, even with a properly equipped rental car. So let’s get into what you can do on a day trip to Nathia Gali. Also given if you are currently in Murree (closest to Nathia Gali) or in Islamabad or even Lahore, you will have to plan accordingly since it takes 7 hours to reach Nathia Gali and around 2 hours from Islamabad and an hour from Murree so better to leave early if you are far away from Nathia Gali then to spend the whole day trip in a car.
Miran Jani
Since Nathia Gali is around 8200ft and quite void of the high-tech society that is present tin other first-world countries in their hilly sides. Most of the activities or ‘to do’s’ that you will find for areas much like Nathia Gali is hiking and viewpoints so most of these spots are just that, while there are other areas to explore too and have much more than what Nathia Gali has to offer, we’ll have to keep it strictly to Nathia Gali to cover a full one-day trip. So First on our list is Miran Jani and quite a hike if you are a novice, could take up to 6-7 hours of a jaunt, it does offer one of the best views Nathia Gali has to offer. If at some point you cannot go on, well help is always there as there are horses available to help you out and reach the top.
Green Spot
Another place to definitely visit when you are up in Nathia Gali. Green spot is located on the Pakistan Air Force Base in Kalabagh but families and tourists are quite welcome to for a very small fee. The area itself is surrounded by lush green. With quite a collection of wild daises and a café to serve tea, soft drinks and snack to the tourists who are visiting.
Governors House
This amazing house rest atop of the Road from Nathia Gali’s main bazar. Constructed and erected by the British rule long ago, it is now surrounded by lush green lawns while showing a very vintage and impressive architecture. Though visitors are not allowed to enter the house, it still quite the sight to see and various trials dot around it that can be traversed through which makes for some very good picturesque points for memories.
Nathia Gali’s Church
Doesn’t matter what religion you belong too; the church is still quite an architectural site to visit, another marvel built by the British during their rule. This wood-framed church is open of their main attraction in Nathia Gali, and is surrounded by lush green gardens which adds another dimension to its beauty.
Nathia Gali Main Bazar
A nice respite from all the hiking and travelling. If you are looking to shop for some wares and happy to help out some local entrepreneurs and even done some local ware to gift it to someone special or to even keep it as a memorial of that one road trip you took to Nathia Gali for a day. Quite a touristy thing to do but hey, it’s an experience.
Nathia Gali’s Chairlift
Other than the hiking and shopping or sightseeing, one main attraction you can find yourself indulging is the Nathia Gali chairlift. I personally have so any good memories from my childhood of visiting this place with my cousins. The fee for this is minimum, the chairlift takes you up the side of the mountain and onto another location where you can visit cafes and food stops to refresh while taking in that fresh mountain air. The ride is pretty sweet since you are at least 50 feet above the ground and being elevated at a 45-degree angle. A must-do if you visit Nathia Gali and have time. Also note to reach here before it gets dark since it only operates in the morning. Rental cars in lahore can easily get to this point; given they have adequate engine capacity (1500cc to 1800cc should do the trick)

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