The Ultimate Traveling Guide to Sharan Forest

Who doesn’t like to go camping and adventure? Well, almost everybody sooner or later in their life gets the thirst for hiking, camping, and being close to nature. In Pakistan, there are various spots where you can enjoy hiking, camping, and different adventurous activities at some of the most remarkable sights. Anyhow, one area where adventure seekers in Pakistan miss out is the availability of good services and facilities at beautiful and scenic locations.

At last, it appears that things are developing. Recently, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has presented various activities for giving better facilities to travelers and adventure seekers. Many such activities are started in Sharan Forest, Kaghan Valley. So, plan a trip, hire your rent a car or take your car and visit to Sharan forest to enjoy these services and facilities started at Sharan Forest.

Sharan is a wonderful, untouched forest reserved in KPK, Pakistan. The forest is thick with heavy vegetation. For now, the forest is mostly non-commercial, consequently extremely clean with less deluge of travelers and tourists. The forest is next to Manshi Top, which again is a lavish green plateau. You can hope to find rich vegetation, flora, and fauna, thick mossy formations, mushrooms, wild fruits, and vegetables on trees and water streams. Local people are friendly, there is also a site for camping inside the forest with little cabins owned by the forest and tourism department.

Temperature/ Best Time to Visit Sharan Forest

Tourist season in the Kaghan Valley and its surroundings begins in mid-May and closes in mid-October. The weather in summer (June to September) is ideal, with maximum temperatures of 20o C and minimum temperatures of 5o C.

Road Conditions

The road is quite in good condition. You can drive your car or any rental cars up to the Kaghan Valley and Paras village. Sharan Forest is 16 km from Paras village and roads to Sharan village are not in very good condition. You have to hire 4×4 jeep to reach Sharan Forest.

Other Preparations

You have to make many preparations other than packing your regular luggage. A list of the most important things that you would need is mentioned here to help you with your packing.

  1. Trekking boots/Joggers/Comfortable Shoes/Slippers
  2. BackPack
  3. Torches with extra batteries
  4. Waterproof lower and Jacket
  5. Thermals (both upper and lower)
  6. Fleece/Sweaters
  7. T-shirts for day trekking
  8. Water bottle
  9. Socks, preferably woolen (4-6 pairs)
  10. Gloves (highly recommended)
  11. Muffler (highly recommended)
  12. Beanie (highly recommended)
  13. Handwash/soap/sanitizer, wipes, toothpaste and all other necessities
  14. Sun Block and Sunglasses 

These are the few things that you must have if you are planning to trip to Sharan Forest.

Means of Transport best Suited for Tour

Paras is the starting point for an alternate route to Sharan which is 19 kilometers apart from Paras and is accessible just by jeeps. This place is renowned for its rich green meadows and dense pine forest. This zone isn’t on the main traveler’s route however is perfect for nature and adventure seekers. From here one can go on a thrilling two or three days trekking and camping tour to the highest point of Musa Ka Musala and onwards to the Siran Valley.

Way to Sharan Forest

Way to Sharan Forest is quite simple. 

  • If you are traveling from Lahore then first get on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/ M-2.
  • Continue on M-2 to Lora Chowk
  • Follow N-35 and Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas Road/N-15 
  • Continue onto Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas Road/N-15
  • Follow Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas Road/N-15 to Sharan Forest

Sharan is a wonderful place in the center of the Manshi forest. At the point when you are going to Naran from Balakot and you arrive at the town of Paras. Paras has a small market with a couple of shops and a few restaurants on the Naran road. There is a jeep road going on the left side which directs to Sharan Forest.  When you get to that road, first you have to cross the river Kunhar through a bridge and then continue on this road.

Sharan Forest is around 16 km away from the town of Paras. Before you arrive at this place, you will see another stone structured building about half a kilometer down the road. That building is known as Youth House, most of the time used by young students who are traveling in large groups. There is also a forest house available some distance apart from the youth house.

Sharan Forest

Sharan Forest is a beautiful natural forest at a height of almost 2425 meters, where it offers many outdoor entertaining activities like camping. The maximum height of the Sharan forest is at Manshi Meadow (2867 meters). The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa took an initiative to facilitate tourists. They have arranged some wooden huts and camps.

These wooden cottages/camping pods have been introduced in the Sharan Forest by TDCKP. These excellent cottages are accessible for rent to travelers. The huts give a great permanent option as compare to camps. The camping lovers will find these cottages very appealing and comfortable.

One hand these cabins give a similar experience to that of camping, and on the other hand, they give a lot more secure and comfortable condition. The rent charges of these cabins are also quite affordable. Thus, now you don’t have to spend extra cash on purchasing expensive camping equipment.

The cabins have a quite appealing outlook as well. Furthermore, they complement the natural beauty and magnificence of Sharan Forest very well. One cabin has two beds, a table, and a light. Imagine staying in such comfortable cabins in Sharan Forest in Kaghan Valley. These cabins are made of wood. Sharan Forest is a standout amongst other tourist destinations in Kaghan.

For Booking Visit Tourism Corporation KPK  official website

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