The Ultimate Guide to Visit Chitral-Kalash Valley

As the capital of the Chitral District and entryway to the Kalash Valley, Chitral offers an incredible base for exploring the region. Even though the town itself is a bit dusty, and the surroundings aren’t as pleasant as in different parts of the north, the region offers a lot of scope for adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Take out your car or hire any Rent A Car and get ready to explore this adventurous region. Beneath you will find all that you have to know without a Chitral travel guide.

Road Condition of Chitral

The road to Chitral has few patches that seasonally, especially in winters consume a lot of time, it is almost great up to Dir and later you should be careful about narrow mountainous roads with uneven patches. Chitral onwards to Bumburet and different valleys you will hiring jeeps as the roads get awful and uneven patches will make the journey more of an experience. In any case, the jeeps you will hire are maintained for those roads.

How to get to Chitral/Kalash 

Location/Distance from Islamabad

By Air:

Flights from Islamabad to Chitral work daily and take 50 minutes to reach Chitral and later a jeep would be hired to the Kalash Valleys referenced Below.

By Road:

Islamabad to Kalash Valleys: Approx. 14-17 hours (500 km)

Route Breakdown

Road to Chitral to Islamabad can be accessed through AH1/M-1 and N-45 in a drive of almost 10 hours. Further our journey from Islamabad to Chitral via M1 can be divided as

  • Islamabad to Rashkai Interchange 
  • Rashkai Interchange to Mardan
  • Mardan to Dargai
  • Dargai to Malakand Pass
  • Malakand pass to Batkhela
  • Batkhela to Chakdara
  • Chakdara to Timergara
  • Timergara to Dir
  • Dir to Lowari Top/Tunnel
  • Lowari top/tunnel to Darosh
  • Darosh to Chitral

Chitral to Kalash Valleys.

There is a road between Darosh and Chitral that leads to Kalash Valleys. Kalash Valleys have the following valleys to see and make the most of their festivity and impressive beauties. 

  • Chitral to Bumburet: 40km, 2 hours 
  • Bumburet to Rambur: 10 km, 45 minutes 
  • Bumburet to Birir: 30km, 2 hours


PTDC Chitral is the best cull, it has a pulchritudinous garden and awesome accommodation. 

Mountain View Hotel is situated in Shahi Bazaar with great clean rooms and a sultry shower. There are few other more minute hotels along the bazaar and before PTDC Motel.

Best time to visit Chitral

Chitral and the surrounding region has a Mediterranean atmosphere. Summers can get extremely sweltering, and winters are mild. The best time to visit the Chitral region is from March to May, and from September to November. In the Kalash Valley, Chilam Joshi Festival is usually held at the end of May.

Kalash valley festivals

They have specific celebrations which they routinely celebrate in each season. 

  • Joshi spring festival (May 13-16) 
  • Uchal celebration (August 20-21) 
  • Phool Festival (Mid October) 
  • Chaumas festival (December 7-22)

Popular Tourist Places of Chitral:

Tirich Mir:

This grand mountain peak is the highest of the Hindukush range. Tirich Mir can be seen from a higher spot of Chitral Town (Like rooftop of the hotel where you decide to stay) in a clear climate. It can also be seen from the royal residence of Chitral’s King. This mountain is withal highest on the planet separated from Himalaya and Karakoram ranges.

Chitral Gol National Park

Surrounding Birmoghlasht mountain, this national park is home to jeopardized markhor. The national park offers lovely walks and a great view of the Chitral Valley. It is also possible to stay the night at the wildlife lodge, yet you need to get authorization from the wild-life department beforehand.


A very beautiful and attractive valley some 45 Km from Chitral at 2 hours’ drive on an uneven dirt road, the main towns are Guru, Grambat gol, Bishal and so on. There are less shady meadows here than in Bumburet, and the valleys aren’t so open. Besides, at this level (it has the most minimal altitude, is the most blistering and produces the best grapes), it is rarely visited by the travelers if one wants to see and enjoy the pagan culture of Kalas, particularly for anthropologists and photographers, they should visit the valley.

 Ayun Valley:

The lavish green grandly radiant and the most favorite among visitors for its natural resplendency; the Ayun Valley is located between Chitral Town and Kalash. It is located at the bank of River Chitral. Individuals of Ayun Valley are hospitable and cooperating like the individuals in the rest of Chitral.

Shahi Mosque and Bazaar

The main bazaar in Chitral offers a fascinating look with regards to the various cultures of the region. It is additionally a magnificent spot to try some Kabuli Pulao. Remember to visit the Shahi Mosque, which is the principal Mosque of Chitral, and was worked by local royals.


It is a valley in Chitral in Kalash Region and it locates where Kalash People Live in Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is stunning and lovely Place and People Speak Dardic Language and they are Related to next neighbors in Afghanistan. Rumbur is rough and great; the mountain ridges higher, the river much wilder. Once more, at the very top part of the valley, there is a Nuristani town where individuals have Red hairs and furthermore same Armenian features and language.

Garam Chashma

As the name recommends, this town, around two hours from Chitral, offers natural hot spring facilities. There is a large number of hotels which offer their pools to non-guests for some fee. A good day trip to loosen up those sore muscles, after all, a long climb.

Koghazi and Goleen:

14 kilometers from the town of Chitral; Koghazi and in line Goleen are truly a piece of heaven on the earth. This is a valley of flowers, fruits, lavish green meadows, canals, waterfalls, springs, and glorious landscapes.

Polo Ground:

Polo is a well-known and maybe most favorite game of Chitral. There are many polo grounds in Chitral; the popular one is in Chitral Town. A visit to polo ground will furnish you with information about the interesting game of polo, and if you randomly visit any polo ground, then there may be a match going on that you can enjoy.

There are few best places mentioned to adore the beauty of Chitral. Also, a complete guide about Chitral/Kalash valley is provided here to help you in coming visit to Chitral/Kalash valley. So, get ready, book your flight, take out your car or hire Rental Cars, plan your visit to Chitral/Kalash valley with your friends, family and loves ones to spend a great time in this beautiful Chitral/Kalash valley.

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