The Ultimate Guide to Hike Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is one of the most prominent and excellent spots to hike in Pakistan and for good reasons. With the unhindered view on the 8,125 m high beast that is Nanga Parbat, perhaps the highest mountain in Pakistan, just second to K2, it is viewed as one of the most accessible climbs that will enable you to witness 8,000 m high mountain without completing a multi-day trek. Thousands of people using their private cars, Rental cars and public transport go to adore the beauty of this enchanted place. If you are going to Pakistan, a visit to Fairy Meadows is a must to visit the place but like everything related to exploring in Pakistan, refreshed data is not easy to come by and thus here is an ultimate guide to hike Fairy Meadows get to the Nanga Parbat base camp. 

Temperature/ Best time to visit

The best time to visit Fairy Meadows is after April as the temperature gets moderate and the way to Fairy meadows gets clear slowly, besides, the perfect time for the visit is between the end of June and the center of August. The place ends up blocked off in winter because of heavy snowfall. 

May to July

0° C < Fairy Meadows < 12° C

-4° C < Nanga Parbat Base Camp < 5° C

August to October

-2° C < Fairy Meadows < 10° C

-10° C < Nanga Parbat Base Camp < 0° C 

Road conditions

The traitorous mountain roads aren’t for faint of hearts. At a height of 3300meter, this trail is among the most dangerous on the planet. Getting to fairy meadows has got hazard, along these lines; many can’t appreciate the miracle occurrence that merits all the effort and danger. The local jeeps from Riakot to Tattu goes through the unpaved, uneven street and the unpleasant part comes when you will see there are no guardrails, alongside the road and the cliff toward one end drops many hundred feet down to no place, implies a slight misstep and you have taken a chance with your life. 

Other Preparations

Concerning climbing, good preparation goes far. Here are a few things to plan before you make the trip:

Great Sturdy Shoes

The trails are quite simple and well-leveled with a couple of steep spots so an ordinary shoe with great grip should be fine. Contingent upon when you are making a trip to Fairy Meadows, you may need to stroll on a snow-capped trail so get ready accordingly. 

Weather-proof Jackets

Better safe than sorry. Like most mountains in this area, it can rain/snow or incredibly windy whenever so it is always good to be set up for the worst climate. 

Prepare Snacks

The food at Fairy Meadows can be very costly so if you need to save money, get a few snacks in advance. Snacks are also extraordinary for the trail particularly in the event that you plan to climb right to Nanga Parbat in one day because you have to take lunch with you. Water can be refilled for nothing at the Greenland resort if you chose to stay there, otherwise, all the accommodations sell water or you can generally refill it from the water stream.

Means of transport best suited for Trip

You can take your private car or any Rent A Car with you up till Raikot Bridge, concerning the latter part you will hire a 4×4 jeep to Tattu. Once in Tattu, you will carry on your trip by trekking. Additionally, you can hire a horse to the fairy meadows from Tattu. 

Way to Fairy Meadows

There are a few phrases that you will have to experience before getting to Fairy Meadows.

To begin with, you have to get to Gilgit, the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan territory in the north of Pakistan. From that point, get to the Raikot Bridge and then you have to rent a jeep to get to the trailhead and after that, you have to climb up to Fairy Meadows. 

Getting to Gilgit

There are a few different ways you can get to Gilgit from Islamabad. You can travel to Gilgit through Pakistan International Airways. They run two times per day from Islamabad for around 113 USD. 

You can also take a medium-term overnight bus transport to Gilgit from Islamabad which will cost you around 2,500 PKR and it will take you 18 hours. The beneficial thing about taking a bus transport is that you have the choice to drop off directly at the Raikot Bridge before the transport lands in Gilgit, given you don’t have a ton of stuff to carry. 

Getting to Raikot Bridge (1 Hr By Car)

Raikot Bridge is found 80km south of Gilgit and it will take you around an hour to arrive. You can either get a taxi to drop you off at the bridge or take a bus transport heading to Chilas from the NATCO bus transport terminal.

Getting to Fairy Meadows Trail Head (1.5 Hrs. By Jeep)

This is the place where it will get costly particularly for independent explorers. From the Raikot Bridge, you have to take a local jeep up the mountains. The jeep can be shared with people or different visitors of up to 5 travelers. You can wait for some different trekkers to appear at the bridge if you have room schedule-wise but in the event that you arrive late, and you prefer not to climb in dark, you have to do what needs to be done and pay for the whole jeep yourself. 

When paid, the jeep will take you through probably the bumpiest roads you will ever encounter in Pakistan. The roads crisscross its way up the rough mountain for about 1.5 hours and you will touch base at a town, where the trailhead starts. 

Just before you leave, your driver will ask you on the date from your arrival and the specific time you will touch base back. Ensure you give your driver the right detail and make sure to stick to it. This is basic for the driver as they should return and lift you. Likewise, remember your driver’s face!

Getting to Fairy Meadows (2 Hrs. By Walk)

From the town, the trail steadily climbs for around 2 hours, and after that, it goes up steep for around 30 minutes until you touch base in Fairy Meadows.

Once you reach the fairy meadows base, plan according to your budget and schedule like where to stay and for how many days and enjoy and cherish every moment in this enchanted valley.

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