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The glamour of Soan Sakaser Valley Chakwal

The Soon valley of Pakistan which has unusual scenic beauty invites travelers to cheer themselves with natural beauty. Here the waterfalls, springs, lavish forests, towns, pools, and lakes make it a total entertainment spot for travelers. There are also many distinct specialties of this valley which make it famous among all the valleys of Pakistan. 

Soon Sakesar Valley Location

The whole way which leads towards Soon valley is full of interesting natural scenes. Soan Sakesar Valley is situated in the Northwest of the Khushab region of Punjab. The Soon Valley is situated between the Padhar town of dusty view on Thal desert to Sakesar. That is also the peak of the Salt Range. 

It is the identity of the town Naushehra, which is also its biggest settlement. Naushehra is around 48 kilometers (30 mi) away from Khushab District and 68 kilometers away from Kallar Kahar town. One must visit this beautiful town once in his life. If you don’t own a car, then don’t worry you can use the car for rent or use any other cheap way to travel there.

Places to visit in Soon Valley

Soon Valley is the center of natural sights, lakes, historical places, towns, forests, slopes and that’s just the beginning. If you are arranging a trip to the soon valley and want to explore as many places as possible in a limited time then go for these recommended places. These places are situated in and close to the soon valley, and they are really astonishing to make your trip memorable.

Uchali Lake

Uchali Lake is the most famous tourist spot in the valley. This lake is shaped because of the absence of drainage in the range. Soan Sakaser, which is the highest peak in the Salt Range having a height of 1,522 meters (4,993 ft), looms over the lake. Because of its saline water, the lake is lifeless, yet offers a beautiful landscape. Boats are available for boating too.

Khabeki Lake

If you are visiting Uchali Lake and coming from Kalar Kahar or Talagang side. Then most likely you will pass this lake on your way, except if you choose the Sodhi road route. The lake and the green zone around give a beautiful landscape. Both Uchali and Khabeki lakes attract many migratory birds every year. So, it is the ideal place for bird watchers.

Jahlar Lake

One can witness the peace and natural beauty by visiting the Jahlar lake. It makes a sensation of deep calm and peace. It is one of the least visited lakes of the valley for the most part due to its location. The lake is located close to the town Jahlar. Its region underwater is around 148 acres. In winter, birds from far off places migrate to this lake. Whereas in summer they make their return back to their local countries. The water is highly acidic and one can wash clothes with its water with no soup. This lake doesn’t contain any facilities and activities like boating or fishing. There are two routes to reach this lake:

one is from Kathwayi to Jahlar (if you are approaching from the Sargodha side) 

the second is from Naushera to Surakki and then from that point to Jahlar.

Nurshing Phuwar

Nurshing Phowaar, often mispronounced as nursing phowaar, is where one can find delightful temples and stunning water springs. The temples still hold their original shape albeit quickly weakening. There is a wonderful waterfall, greenery at its best, astonishing water springs, and stunning archeological as well as historical temples at this spot. The place is worth visiting as it’s a complete package that offers beautiful waterfalls, greenery, and everything. You can also use economy car rental deals if you don’t own a vehicle.

Kanhatti Garden

Kanhatti garden is home to incredibly delightful waterfalls and marvelous landscapes. There is also a campsite with a fireplace for the travelers. There are a few natural trails for travelers for climbing or just to take in the magnificence by foot.

Dep Shareef

It is a wonderful place where one can enjoy spiritual peace as well as the beautiful picturesque magnificence due to a little waterfall, lakes, and water springs. The best approach to Dep Shareef goes from Kufri town or the main road.

The main road nearly goes close to the water springs from where one has to walk 1-kilometer to reach the lakes. It is a hilly ziarat gaah. Water springs flow here in abundance. Water is perfectly clean, pure, and sweet. People from all over the country come here to pay their reverence to this sacred spot. All this due to a holy person Hazrat Siraj Ud Din Naqshbandi (R.A.).

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