sop's by punjab government for transport

SOP’s Given by Punjab Government to Resume Transports

The transportation industry has been one of the main victims of COVID-19. From cart pullers to rickshaw pullers to airlines, all have been influenced financially by the pandemic. Because of lockdown in numerous countries, the interest in passenger transport has been unfavorably hit. The cargo fragment has had a blended transient impact in terms of transportation demand.

There is an increase in the demand for truck drivers in the transportation of basic products. For example, an increase of 40% to 60% in products has been observed being moved into markets, warehouses, and grocery stores in different countries.

However, all in all, the graph of the travel and tourism industry is going downwards as there are strict orders of social distancing and lockdown as well. Many rental car companies have closed their pick and drop services as well as rental car services due to the coronavirus pandemic. Public transport is also suffering a lot as COVID-19 has a drastic effect on the traveling behavior of people. 

As public transport refers to a higher danger of community spread of the coronavirus, numerous city/state/national governments gave rules for public transport operators.

With increasing limitations and guidelines forced by governments, both public transport and their demand interest have been seriously hit. According to the studies, there is an exceptional drop in public transport usage in numerous cities. These included different following guidelines like:

  • Disinfect bus tickets
  • Disinfect vehicle’s seats
  • Mask and gloves are mandatory
  • Availability of hand sanitizers in vehicles

Situation after the Lockdown

Even after the situation normalizes, the perception of danger related to crowded zones could lead to a shift in inclinations towards individual travel modes.

That is, individuals may abstain from utilizing public transport modes to maintain a healthy distance from the crowds. Individuals may also avoid shared transport modes like autorickshaws, miniaturized scale travel vans, e-rickshaws, and so forth. It also makes them hire rental car companies that provide their vehicles with the facility of long term car rentals.

The drivers employed in application-based taxi services are financially suffering in the present moment because of the COVID lockdown. however, it can’t be said if these modes may confront long term financial impacts in terms of lesser travel demand.

In spite of the fact that all the social removing and traveling restrictions are for the safety and well-being of individuals but it causes a drop in traveler transport requests as well. COVID-19 might be having a long-term impact on individuals’ travel conduct.

However, considering the requests of the travel industry and all other sectors, the government has decided to remove lockdown and reopen different businesses with strict guidelines to follow.

SOP’s issued by Punjab government to resume transport

Not long after the PM’s demand, the KP government said they were ready to resume public vehicles, while the Punjab government has chosen to resume shopping centers for four days per week as well as resume public vehicles after affirmation of the SOPs by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. 

In the interim, the Punjab government has permitted automobile industries’ manufacturing units to work seven days every week. Basic food item shops, bakeries, milk and dairy shops, fruit shops, vegetable shops, meat shops, and auto workshops will be permitted to open for seven days every week from 9 am to 5 pm.

Postal and courier services will be permitted to work from 9 am to 5 pm, as indicated by the government notifications. Petrol stations, oil depots, delivery, and takeaway services will be permitted to open for 24 hours seven days per week.

In a gathering with transporters, Law Minister Raja Basharat and Industries Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal created standard operating procedures (SOPs) for continuing public transportation facilities in Punjab. 

Addressing the reporter after the gathering, the law minister Raja Basharat said that the Punjab government cared about the concerns of transporters as well as shielding the individuals from the coronavirus.

Hence, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has chosen to permit public transport to continue in the territory under specific conditions. 

As indicated by the SOPs chose by the Punjab government and transporters, the latter have been advised to guarantee the accompanying measures: 

  • One traveler for every two seats
  • Travelers should have a separation of at least three feet when boarding
  • Air conditions should be turned off and windows must be kept open
  • Transports should be disinfected after every trip
  • Hand sanitizer should be available at every bus and terminal
  • Travelers will board the vehicle from the front passageway and exit from the back
  • Travelers with fever and cough won’t be permitted to board the transport

These are a few SOP’s which are compulsory to follow in order to keep public transport operations. The above-mentioned SOP’s are also applicable for Rental car organizations to be operational.

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