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RIP Pak Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran, having a love-hate relationship with Pakistan. We love to talk about how terrible Suzuki Mehran is but keep buying it at the same time. Suzuki Mehran has been a very successful model since 1989. Yes! It has been providing its services here in Pakistan from three decades. It has been proved to be a golden-egg laying duck for Pak Suzuki as regardless of being safe, overly expensive and feature-ripped. It is the least expensive car available in Pakistan, starting from PKR 90,000 in 1989 and in 2018 its price recorded as 7.69 lacs.Favored for its very cheap maintenance and easy availability of its spare parts. Mehran has remained the first priority for people searching for affordable methods for transportation and is at present the second-best seller in domestic sales after Toyota Corolla. Many companies of Rental Cars, earned a lot of money using this popular car.

History of Suzuki Mehran:

Actually, Mehran is a ripped-off ‘variant’ of the Suzuki Alto. In 1979, Suzuki launched the first-generation Alto. This variant was promoted as Suzuki FX in Pakistan and it was produced from 1982 to 1988. Do note that its production ceased and it was replaced by its second generation in 1984 all over the world. Even then, it came with better optional features as compared to the current Mehran such as a 660cc efficient engine and an automatic transmission.In 1989, the second-generation Alto (or Mehran) replaced the first-generation Alto, or the Suzuki FX (in Pakistan) in 1989.

Second Generation:

In September 1984, Suzuki restructured the design of the Alto and furthermore introduced some performance options and shortly became available with multi-valve and turbocharged engines. Another all-wheel drive variant was launched as well in 1984 which was named the CC71.Notice that it was at first released as a 3-door hatchback and Suzuki made a 5-door version later. This specific generation was popular internationally and considered a very affordable car. The international version had a 660cc engine which met Japanese standards of emission and delivered great fuel economy too.

In Europe, a 796cc Alto was available in two transmissions, either two-speed automatic or 4-speed manual transmission, this model was named CA/CB91 – this exact model has been further downsized and has been sold in Pakistan ever since.The second-generation Alto was re-launched by Pak Suzuki as Suzuki Mehran for Rs. 90,000 and it quickly turned into a top selling model. Since then, the Mehran has been stuck in the 90s while the Suzuki Alto range continued improving in both structure and features.

Suzuki Mehran Pakistan:

Pak Suzuki has decided to discontinue Suzuki Mehran with effect from April 2019 in Pakistan. The announcement was made by Pak Suzuki in September 2019. The latest price of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan was recorded as 7.69 lacs. The Car, Suzuki Mehran, lacked many features like Airbags, ABS, Power Windows, Power Steering, rear mirror defogger and many more. Base model of Suzuki Mehran does not even have an air-conditioning system. But these shortages didn’t affect Suzuki Mehran’s production. The overall production of Suzuki Mehran in 1995-1996 was 8,966 units which is increased to 38,311 units in 2016-2017. In 2017-2018, total units of Suzuki Mehran manufactured by Pak Suzuki was 47,199 which is 32% of company’s overall production.

Despite lacking many important features, Mehran has ruled for almost 30 years in Pakistan. Maybe that is because in our Country, a vehicle brand’s popularity and success does not rely on its advancement, creative capacity, value, design and structure, looks, even its supposed potential to out class competition. All that matters, is its spare parts availability and its resale value. Another very amazing fact about Suzuki Mehran is its low maintenance. We can say that it is the car with the cheapest maintenance charges on earth. Finding Suzuki Mehran’s spare parts is a piece of cake. You can find Suzuki Mehran’s front bumper in as low as Rs 600/- only. That is reason, most of the new drivers drive Suzuki Mehran. Not only new drivers, many driving centers and Rent A Car companies use Suzuki Mehran.

Almost every family in Pakistan must have a Suzuki Mehran in their houses at some point. Many beautiful memories are associated with Suzuki Mehran because first car of every teenager in Pakistan must be Suzuki Mehran. Moreover, Suzuki Mehran never gets out of fashion. No matter which model of Suzuki Mehran do you have, all you need is a little investment in shape of compound and polish and here you go, your Suzuki Mehran will look as good as its latest model. Also, its compact size is ideal for traffic we have in Pakistan. Suzuki Mehran car make its way in heavy traffic unlike cars having luxurious seats and attractive structure.It is just not the story of its shape, but back then Suzuki Mehran key is seemed to be the universal Suzuki Mehran key.

Suzuki Mehran key can be used on every Suzuki Mehran in the world. I’m not sure about its newer models but it was true for older models. Most of Suzuki Mehran users had to use steering locks to keep their cars safe. It was also the hardest thing to find your Suzuki Mehran from the parking lots because all Suzuki Mehran cars look alike and they do not have any alarm system.Suzuki Mehran has served the nation in many ways. Suzuki Mehran has served in every field like Rent a Car companies, Driving Centers, for domestic use and many more. In future, when people will ask about the means of transport we used to have, Suzuki Mehran would be the most common and the most popular vehicle. Keeping in mind the services offered by the great Suzuki Mehran, it should be declared as National car of Pakistan.

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