requirements for rent a car in lahore

Requirements for Rent a Car in Lahore

Rental prerequisites in Lahore differ from rental organization to rental organization. A few organizations have set more requirements for rental than others. Smaller organizations, for example, may produce less income from rentals.

They may require more from renters to guarantee their rental cars are protected when out of their ownership. Larger rental organizations may require less in certain regions and more in high-risk territories, where there are a large number of accidents, mishaps, and thefts. Buyers must review every rental agency’s policies to find out their requirements.

The Basics for Vehicle Rental

As a rule, consumers ought to have an effective driver’s license, major credit card, and vehicle insurance to rent a vehicle. Vehicle insurance isn’t always required by the rental organization, however is legally necessary for many states and is highly recommended. Some vehicle rental companies will facilitate you with a cash payment or debit cards in lieu of credit cards. These organizations will generally demand a deposit of some amount as per rental vehicles to cover any incidentals. If the vehicle is returned undamaged, the deposited amount will be refunded.

Following are a few requirements that every rental agency need to rent a car:

Minimum age

Most rental organizations have a minimum age requirement for vehicle rental. The minimum age varies from country to country, in some regions the minimum age requirement is 25. However, in certain regions, the minimum age is 21. The age requirement relies on the rental organization and the region where the rental starts.

Driver’s license

Every driver must present a full, effective, and original national driver’s license held for at least 2 years. If your license isn’t in a language utilized in your destination country, an International Driver’s Permit to go with your national driver’s license is highly suggested.

Photo id or passport

Every driver must present an effective, unique, and original photo ID or passport.

Good Driving Record

After you sign a rental agreement, numerous organizations will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm that your driving license is valid and current. In addition, they also search for any convictions identifying with DUIs (driving under the influence), crazy driving, moving violations and accidents. While one violation might be pardoned, several may keep you from renting.


Much of the time, you can purchase insurance coverage as a part of your rental, and accordingly, you often don’t require your own insurance. But for certain vehicles, you may require your own insurance to cover the vehicle and any personal liability. 

Credit card

You should present a personal Mastercard/credit card, valid in the nation of pick-up, given by a banking institution, and with enough funds to put a hold for a security deposit.

Third-party credit cards or Mastercards not associated with banking foundations won’t be accepted. The car rental organization is exclusively responsible for approving the provided Mastercard or credit card. Online prepayment doesn’t exempt the tenant from giving a valid international Mastercard or credit card during vehicle pick-up. The rental organization will put a hold in the measure of the security deposit and, when applicable, any extra local charges not covered in the prepaid voucher on the card provided at the rental area.

Booking voucher

The tenant must present a printout of the Booking Confirmation Voucher at the rental agency. This document authoritatively affirms all agreed upon services, payment conditions, rates, discounts, just as car availability within the group chose.

Important information

Vehicle rental organizations reserve all the rights to deny services to underage or unlicensed drivers, those with poor credit records or people, in any case, thought liabilities by the rental organization.

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