Rental Car Safety Tips

Renting a car is as simple and easy as renting a car from any other country, more or less. However as safe as Lahore is that I can vouch for and given you take my word for it, danger and scams always looms, there are many tricksters and ways being employed by a certain type of people to rob you of your car rental. Be that as it may, there are safety tips that might help you avoid these scenarios and save you from a horrific and an expensive experience.

So starting off with the most common way, given you get your car from a rent-a-car in Lahore and be off on your duties, there are those who would try to carjack you by setting up fake roadblocks at night, these usually happen at night as you may have guessed since this provides for a better getaway and lower chances of the perpetrators to be seen. If you can, try to maneuver around it or if you even end in a situation then try to comply, your life weights more than a rental car.

Some thieves like to take a more direct and violent approach and would gladly smash your windows when you are not around to hot-wire the car and drive it away to some far-off city where they could strip the car for parts or sell it off in the black market. To avoid such an experience, invest in a car lock that is a mechanism which would put the steering wheel in a sort of a headlock so that even if someone does manage to smash into the car, they won’t be able to drive away, so you might be left with a broken car window but at least not a stolen car, much worse.

These are the worst types in my opinions, they tend to play with your trust. So imagine you rent a car from some rent a car in Lahore Johor town and you are driving about, minding your own business an these types would usually pose as a person who needs help while on the side of the highway or on a dark road, be with a fake punctured tyre, asking for help and as soon as you try to be a goof citizen and try to help out someone in need, they take your act of kindness and use it to cunningly take advantage of you by holding you hostage, snatching your car and your phone so you won’t be able to call for help anytime soon. This scars you and engraves this fear of ever being a good Samaritan, even if it is someone who genuinely needs help

Be that as it may, it is always wise to take steps to secure yourself, be street smart to some extent to avoid such hassles since these can seriously hinder your business/travel plans and put you in a world of inconvenience of having to deal with the rental agency over their car and not to mention the life threatening situations.


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