Places to visit in Hunza

One of the main attractions when it comes to sightseeing in Pakistan is the Northern side. The mountains, the fresh air, it’s a treat to be away from the metropolis and enjoy being in the mountains. There quite many destinations when a trip to the northern side is planned, one of the most famous ones is perhaps Hunza.

Located in the heart of Gilgit Balitistan, is a proper city nested between a valley, also home to the famous Hunza valley populated by hospitable and amazing people of the north. If you ever plan to visit the northern areas, do stop by Hunza. So if you do plan a trip to Hunza and don’t have the necessary wheels for it, it is better to Rent a car to get the most out of your trip.

Rakaposhi and its view point

The highest peak in Hunza and a behemoth to climb, Rakaposhi is a 7700m peak and there is an area called the Rakaposhi view point where you can gaze at Rakaposhi in all its glory while being covered in clouds with the clouds in its background while visiting this point. A nice way to start off the trip.


Another establishment in the Hunza area, Karimabad is quite well known for its diverse culture and rulers once visited back in the day. This area consists of smiling faces, modern lifestyle and many colonies inhabiting the area. The way of life is quite famous as it is very laid back and country-esque, which makes it a very famous spot to visit.

Altit Fort

One of the attractions in many of these northern areas, including Hunza that is, are these forts, specifically Altit Fort, once inhabited by generals who waged wars across borders and chose mountain-side forts to strategize, entering the fort, you are greeted by a beautiful garden with cherries and other fruits growing and even small cafes are present inside.

Baltit Fort

Created from the ground up with Tibetan and Balti architectural heritage. The fort includes a museum, the unique aspect about this fort is that it has many other antique and equipment from the old days and beautifully displayed inside for historic buffs.

Eagle Nest Hunza

One of the highest peaks where you could trek to view all of Hunza with Rakaposhi on one side and another peak known as lady finger on the other side.

Attabad Lake Hunza Valley

An old natural disaster turned the Hunza river into a beautiful lake where tourists take the boat to travel around the lake and take in the beauty of being surrounded by snow-capped mountains while traversing on water.


Possibly one of the most scenic areas in Hunza and easily reachable on a rental car as some areas are quite inaccessible due to landslides or simply too steep alongside no proper road, quite a lot of tourists try to visit this area and to explore this mesmerizing town, their also an inn called Passu inn with delicious food and a nice view, don’t stay too long or you’ll fall in love with this place.

Rush Lake

A lake situated at a 5000m and one of the highest alpine lakes in the world, also quite difficult to trek which is why this feat is reserved for expert trekkers to tackle.

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