pakistan amazing national parks

Pakistan’s Most Amazing National Parks

National Parks are immense territories of open land put aside for different spices of plants, animals, and their habitat. In addition, it is best to keep the rare spices alive which are currently turning out to be rare as a result of global warming.

The national park is home to different endemic species. They in addition ensure places essential to native individuals, and spots that show how individuals lived in old times. 

The question emerges often while discussing the National Parks is that for what reason is that so significant. The world is changing quickly and creatures are dying because of atmosphere changes, pollution of cars, buses, public transports, and metro cabs in Lahore and other cities. To keep them alive, we have made some precautionary steps with the goal that the rare species of plants and creatures save for the rest of the world. 

In 1971, IUCN proclaimed a portion of the significant points for natural parks that include: The land must be of 1,000 hectares in which security of nature is exceeded. Besides, it is to be guaranteed in any National Park that Prohibition of exploitation of any natural asset. 

The main purpose for a National Park is the affirmation of biodiversity, being naturally, geographically, and socially critical, National Parks moreover serve to give food to instruction, diversion, and intelligent purposes for individuals in large. 

Pakistan is developing in each of its sectors likewise Tourism. Natural Parks likewise holds a sign as the place of interest. Pakistan being a south Asian nation has rare species of creature and plant that are rare in a different universe. There are some of the Famous National Parks of Pakistan that are the occupants of the beautiful animal. We have compiled a list below:

Deosai National Park Astore

Home of Sheosar lake, Deosai National Park is situated between Astore Karmang and Skardu. Deosai gets its name from the Balti language which implies the place of giants.

After Chang Tang in China, Deosai is the second-highest plateau in the world with a mitigation of 11447 ft above ocean level. It is encircled by alpine trees. Wide range wildflowers and butterflies spread it as the cover in the spring season.

Deosai is also known to be a hometown for Brown Bears. Mustansar Hussain Tarar has composed his travelogue named Deosai which is worth reading the book about its dreams and beauties.

Hingol National Park

It is the most mysterious National Park in Pakistan. Also, the biggest National Park of Pakistan is Hingol National Park, situated in Balochistan. It is known for its immense fields that covered a region of around 1,650 square kilometers.

In addition, Hingol National Park is known to be the inhabitant of 35 different sorts of warm-blooded creatures (vertebrates), 65 kinds of amphibians (animals of land and water), and reptiles, and 185 sorts of Birds (winged animals). 

Kirthar National Park

Third on the list is the Kirthar National Park which is the second biggest National Park of Pakistan and the first to be recorded in the UN’s list of National Parks.

This tremendous field of Kirthar spread more than 1,192 sq miles. It is situated in the north of Kirthar Mountains Karachi and some parts in the region Jamshoro. Kirthar National Park Tour is the most entrancing visit on account of its zone and history. 

There are two rest houses claimed by Wildlife Department Pakistan to accommodate the traveler. Similar to other natural parks, Kirthar National Park occupies some of the rare species which incorporate 34 mammal species, 56 of feathered creatures, and reptiles. You can enjoy the natural life of the 4X4 vehicle.

Also, inside the National Park, you will experience the antiquated spot of Ranikot and Tongue. The novel spots which connect us to our ancestors and their way of life.

Ranikot was the fortress for the ruler and Toung is the buried place of numerous civilizations. If you are a traveler and need to know the antiquated civilization and wildlife in one spot then visit Kirthar National Park. You can also contact any Rent a car agency as many agencies arrange one- or two-day trip to such locations

Khun Zerav National Park (Khunjerab)

It is a Persian stanza that If you have the desire to see an excellent landscape, come and see me absorb blood. Khun Zerav is the expression of the Wakhi language which implies the streams of blood.

It is the third biggest national park covering a region of 2270 sq km and situated along the Khunjerab pass in the Gilgit-Baltistan district. It fills in as the home to many endangered species like Marco Polo sheep and Himalayan Ibex. It is one of the most significant alpine biodiversity districts in Pakistan.

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