most terrifying roads of pakistan

Pakistan’s 5 Most Terrifying Roads

Any road and street can be dangerous if traffic rules are ignored, however, a few roads can terrify the hell out of you because of their troublesome landscape. You have to be extra careful while driving on such dangerous roads. Some of the roads are dangerous enough that you have to hire a Rental car agency for hiring jeeps or other 4X4’s to have a drive on such roads.

If you are a person who loves adventures, and also an appropriately trained and experienced driver or a rider, you have found yourself the best place. Investigate these most unnerving and most risky streets of Pakistan.

Karakoram Highway

Let’s start with the Karakoram Highway or KKH, which is the highest paved road anywhere on the planet. Worked over a time of 27 years, from 1959 to 1986, on the way of the original Silk Route, the KKH claimed nearly 900 lives during its construction. The majority of these were Pakistani workers, while around 80 of them were Chinese. It is considered one of the most frightening roads on the planet, with a length of 1,300 kilometers. 

Considering the route, it takes, the KKH is also prone to bad climate conditions, resulting in avalanches, landslides, and extreme snowfall, all of which can block the road course for many days. The part of the Karakoram Highway leading to Khunjerab Pass is especially challenging, having just enough space for a single jeep to go through with a sheer drop on one side and a rough rock face on the other side. The drive should not be attempted by amateur drivers, and the vehicle should be properly equipped to deal with emergencies.

Fairy Meadows Road

Beginning from Karakoram Highway (KKH) and leading to the town of Tato, this road may just be 10 miles in length, yet it is completely nerve-racking. It is thin (around the width of a Jeep Wrangler), unpaved, and unmaintained, and despite guardrails, there is a multi-thousand-meter drop to the valley underneath. The road also climbs almost 8,000 feet in a short distance, which means a significant part of the drive is composed of terrifying steep segments. You have to be very specific while choosing the vehicle for this road. You can hire jeeps or cars equipped with special wheels designed for such tracks. You can get such cars/jeeps from any Rent a car agency in Lahore or other cities.

Jalkhad-Sharda Road

Connecting Jalkhad in Naran Valley to Sharda in Kashmir Valley, the 48.7-kilometer long road ascends to a height of 3,960 meters (13,000 feet), reaching the mountain top known as Noori Top. Worked by the Pakistan Army in 1998 for use during the Kargil War, the route, which is among the most treacherous roads of Pakistan, is presently a place of interest for adventure seekers. 

The view along the way is marvelous, with the Naran Valley on one side and the Kargil Mountains and Kashmir on the other, but it’s just possible to enjoy this beautiful view if you overlook the sheer drops that run close by the road at each hairpin turn. Climate constraints often result in a closure of the path for most of the year, so July to September is the ideal time to enjoy this exciting and death-defying ride to the top. Ensure your 4×4 is driven by an experienced local driver as they know how to navigate these streets best.

Shounter Valley Road

Shounter Pass is a high mountain pass located in Neelam Valley at an elevation of 4,420m (14,501ft) over the ocean level.

The pass is open just for a couple of months of the year because of heavy snow and harsh climate. 

To drive this path, you should have supreme trust in your vehicle and your driving skills. It can be accessed through a jeep track from Kel which just gets opened for a couple of months of the year. The valley has beautiful magnificence, panoramic views, towering slopes on the two sides of the loud Neelam river, lavish green woods, charming streams, and an appealing environment. 

The road condition isn’t well and suitable just for 4 wheelers. In winters shounter valley road onward Keran gets block because of extreme snowfall, and it is very challenging to reach the upper parts of the valley.

Babusar Pass 

Chilas in Kaghan Valley links to the Karakoram Highway by means of Babusar Pass, a road that was known for its slippery, sliding rock that could shake nerves of steel. While the road has now been paved, it is still popular for its breathtaking bends and is commonly open from July to September, after which, winter climate results in a closure of the road. 

Despite the fact that the slope takes you up to 4,200 meters (13,700 feet), it is the drop that is the challenge even for the most experienced drivers, particularly considering the unanticipated climate conditions that the district is known for and the sheer drops at every turn.

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