Pakistan Road Signs – Do You Know Your Traffic Signs?

Driving in Pakistan can be a bit of a challenge, man people go through ha very easy process of acquiring license and even then do not really know what most road signs mean since very few cities implement all of them and on top of that some people pay their way to getting a license so you have people with no road sense, driving around and a weak traffic police system. This result into total chaos on the road. However, traffic rule enforcement has become stricter in recent times and now is the best time to get familiar with the road signs set up around the roads of Lahore, Islamabad and other major cities.
The first thing that you would have to be familiarized with is the types of traffic sign that exist. There are quite a few types to be acquainted with. Let’s get to it shall we. It is also important to remember that these traffic signs help in regulating the flow of the traffic and gives information as to how to proceed when signs like these are up, neglecting such signs not only leads to getting into trouble with the law but also leads to accidents that can cause injury and even worse, fatal injuries that would really put you in a bad spot so it’s better to learn what these do, especially if you are on a rent a car which would mean a penalty from the agency as well as a ticket from the officer.
Mandatory traffic signs
Mandatory road signs are signs that are the absolute law, they have to be followed in every circumstance, these are usually characterized in an icon with a red cross over it, an example of this is the red cross on a motorbike. This essentially means that no motorbikes should be drive on this road and failure to comply with this law will result in punishment.
Informatory road signs
Informatory road signs are a basis for providing information to the motorists. These signs include indicating parking or any hospitals or road stops ahead. Information that could be of use to anyone on the road so it’s better to know what they mean, it could be that you are trying to find parking but you don’t know what the sign with P drawn on it means, it becomes your loss then.
Warning road signs
Warning road signs are for, well warning motorists of anything ahead that might prove to be a hazardous element for motorist so they inform ahead to take precautionary action or drive according. These could include a steep road ahead or possible landslides ahead so motorist drive in a way to avoid such elements.
Construction road symbols
Another informatory sign. Construction road symbols indicate any construction work on road up ahead and warn of any lanes that might be blocked off for road maintenance. These usually have a yellow background and are a few km’s before the actual site of construction. They have temporary restrictions and lane closure. The purpose of these roadside traffic signs is to reduce the speed of the vehicle and to alert the driver to beware of what lies ahead.
Highway traffic rules/symbols
These traffic signals are mainly in a blue background and highlight any information to provide to motorist. These symbols could include showing arrows to different cities such as a straight arrow showing a city and a turn coming in 500m-1km showing the way to another city. Its best to know these types as you might be on a  and its best to abide by the rules as any run in with the law would mean that the rental car would be confiscated and your travel plans will be in jeopardy.
Hazardous traffic symbols
These symbols indicate any other type of information with an icon and a text clearly stating what is up ahead, these could include explosive materials so that the commuter keeps its distance from such dangerous elements.

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