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Lahore to Islamabad The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

If you are planning a trip to the place where you can enjoy hiking, mountains, serene view along with city life with your friends, family, colleagues, or even college fellows, Islamabad is worth considering. If you have a conception about Islamabad that it does not have much to offer then you might be wrong. To help you with your next trip planning, here is the ultimate day trip guide to Islamabad from Lahore. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

Islamabad is a modern and delightful city situated in the Pothohar Plateau. It is also the capital of Pakistan. The city is known as a perfect, green, and maintained city. Islamabad has attracted numerous individuals from all over Pakistan, which makes it one of the most multicultural cities in Pakistan. The name of the city is gotten from two words, ‘Islam’ and ‘abad’, signifying “City of Islam”. 

Islamabad is the model of what a modern Pakistani city should resemble. Groups of buildings are separated into zones, spread out as a grid with a huge network of streets associating them all together like a spider web. In the between the buildings, green vegetation is sprinkled everywhere loud noises and the lanes are as perfect as day.

If you do not have a car then you can use uber or hire a cheap rent a car as per your convenience. It is the thing that the government imagined a capital city ought to be and they bet everything with it.

How to get to the Islamabad

Main things that you should consider and keep in mind while planning a trip from Lahore to Islamabad are as follow:

  • Budget.
  • Time of traveling.
  • Time of Departure and Return.
  • Luxury Level.


If you do not have any issue with the budget then you can use an airplane to travel to Islamabad. If you are coming from abroad then you can directly take a flight from your location to Islamabad international airport. If you are coming from the east then you can consider middle east airlines like Eithad airlines, Qatar airlines, or Turkish airlines.

Thai and Air China are also worth considering. To find the cheapest and fastest flights you can use Momondo or Skyscanner.

Motorway Bus

If you have enough money and you want to reach there in time then the best one is Daewoo, Bilal Dawoo, Faisal Movers, Skyways. They cost you from 900 to 1300 PKR for one side travel. They usually take 4:30 to 5:30 hours to cover the distance. They prefer to travel on the M2 motorway instead of G.T. Road.


Those who have experience of traveling on the train they can understand that there is no journey like Train. There are three main classes, you can opt for your preferred class as per your budget and luxury level.

Parlour: In this category, seats are way better than that of Buses and it costs around 1000 PKR for one side.

Lower AC: In lower AC, you can enjoy your journey in just Rs. 600 /-.

Economy: If your budget is tight then it is the best option for you in its price just 340 and 440 for one side. It is non-stop and you can also have a berth in just Rs. 50 /- for those night trains only. Non-stop trains usually take 5 hours whereas trains with 4-5 main stops take almost 6 hours.

GT Road

It is not a good option to take especially if you are using buses available at the Laree Ada and Peer Wadaee. But if you use a coaster then it is better. 

Rental cars

If you do not like to travel on public transport and do not have a tight budget then it is one of the best options. It also facilitates you during your stay in Islamabad, as rickshaws are banned in the city so you can use your rental car to move around the city otherwise you either have to use uber or taxi.

Things to do in Islamabad

  • There are many things to do in Islamabad, for instance,
  • You can visit Pakistan monument
  • If you love history then you must visit the Lok Virsa Museum
  • If you want to enjoy hiking then you can go hiking for Monal restaurant
  • If you like to shop then you can visit Centaurus Mall in Islamabad

You can check ‘here are the 8 adventurous things you can do in Islamabad’ for more places to visit.

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