Lahore Sightseeing and Attractions

Lahore, Pakistan, is famous for its variety of tourist points. From seeing priceless ancient artifacts to historical places to shopping spots to a variety of cafés, the options are countless. With all these places to visit, there are also many facilities like Rent A Car in Lahore, Lahore Rental Car, etc. to facilitate tourists. So, hurry up and plan your next visit to Lahore with your loved ones. To further facilitate you here are some main sightseeing and attractions in Lahore.

Lahore Fort

The Lahore Fort, or the Shahi Qila, is an awesome and unique Mughal structure. This must-visit historical royal palace was worked by the legendary Mahmood of Ghazni in the eleventh century. This enormous compound is a treat for all art lovers who have the option to relax in the excellence of various gardens, royal palaces, halls, mosques and other such structures and constructions that are situated inside the Lahore Fort. It gauges 1400 feet by 1115 feet and the Palace of Mirrors (Sheesh Mahal) is one of the most visited royal residences in the Lahore Fort.

Shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh Hajveri

The eleventh-century Data Ganj Bakhsh, initially from Ghazni in Afghanistan, was one of the most successful and best Sufi preachers on the subcontinent and is today one of the most remarkable Sufi saints in Pakistan. The Shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh Hajveri is found west of Bhatti Gate, simply outside the Old City.
Born as Abdul Hasan Ali, he was known as Data Ganj Bakhsh due to his big heartedness towards the less privileged. A hospital and a few institutions for poor and needy have been included close to the shrine throughout the years.  Hordes of lovers gather here on Thursday evenings to listen to the astounding qawwali.
Their urs is held annually at this grave on 18-20 Safar (March/April) and is gone to by tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of pilgrims.

Food Street and M.M. Alam Road

The M.M. Alam Road keeps running from the Main Market to Firdous Market. This significant street was named after Muhammad Mahmood Alam, a very well-known figure of the Pakistan Air Force. The fact that some of the most prominent cafés in Lahore are situated on this perfectly designed road is one of the major reasons behind visiting this area. From Village Restaurant to Jammin Java Café to Pompei to Burger Hub, there are numerous eateries to impress any foodie. 

Mini Golf Club

This is a perfect place to take a touch of a break from all the traveling and sightseeing. This famous hangout spot for Lahore’s youth has more to offer than simply mini golf. Guests who are searching for some enjoyment with their travel friends can spend the day playing the game. At that point, at night, I appreciate the incredible environment of the club with some hookah and tasty fusion food.

Shalimar Gardens

For the individuals who love nature, the Shalimar Garden of Lahore should be the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of this city for some time. This garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Otherwise called the Shalimar Garden, it was worked in the year 1641 by Shah Jahan, the incomparable Mughal emperor. These 80 acres of glorious Garden is an extraordinary example of the popular architectural aptitudes of the Mughal Empire. In the center of this garden, there are three porches known as the Hayat Baksh, Faiz Baksh, and Farah Baksh. Alongside this, there are additionally many white marble fountains and structures in the garden.


Taking off into the sky in Iqbal Park, the 60m high Minar-e-Pakistan was worked in 1960. It remembers the signing of the Pakistan Resolution on 23 March 1940 by the All India Muslim League, which paved the way for the establishment of Pakistan. 

Marble tablets around the base record the content of the resolution, as well as the 99 names of Allah, passages from the Quran and works of Allama Iqbal and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the two most significant figures of the Pakistani independence movement. A lift and stairs once took guests to the highest point of the Minar for the marvelous views on Lahore Fort, but this was recently closed because of the high rate of suicides. In the late evening, Iqbal Park attracts a crowd of individuals who gather here for a walk or to play cricket, fly kites or simply hang out.

An autorickshaw/taxi from The Mall to Iqbal Park costs about Rs80/Rs200. You can also use public transport or any Cheap Rent A Car in Lahore to get there with your family and friends.

Badshahi Mosque

For those visiting Lahore, the Badshahi Mosque is a real feast. This mosque is one of the most renowned on the planet and has worked in the year 1674 by Aurangzeb, the Mughal ruler. As indicated by reports, it was found that this mosque can hold around 40,000 individuals for worshiping in a single prayer session. The fascinating thing about it is that it is made completely of red sandstone. Guests will be able to observe relics which had a place with the prophet Muhammad, his beloved daughter, and his son-in-law.

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