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Is Pakistan Safe to Travel?

Pakistan is home to a smash of culture and gigantic mountains. Boasting the colossal Karakoram in addition to a stretch of the actual Himalayas, this South Asian country offers up as much PRIME trekking. There are likewise a lot of enchanting imposing hill towns, Mughal fortifications, and rambling cities. However, the name “Pakistan” doesn’t invoke a wonderland. That is because Pakistan is famous not only for its captivating landscapes and culture, however for terrorist attacks, military battles against religious fanatics, and street crimes. 

It is a lot to take in and it will leave you pondering: “is Pakistan safe?” it is a good question.So, keeping this question in mind it is important to know about this subject completely. From the safety of solo female travelers in Pakistan to whether you could (or should) take your family on a tour to Pakistan. Is it safe to drive your vehicle or to Rent a Car in Lahore or any other city? Is it safe to eat food in Pakistan? and many more things like it.So, whether you are simply thinking about solo exploring around Pakistan, or planning a family trip these questions are better to be answered beforehand. In this article, there are the answers to most of the questions that are in your mind about Pakistan.

But, is Pakistan Safe?

That is an extremely authentic question, but sadly, there is no short answer to it. Pakistan is such an immense country, which involves endless various locales, ethnicities, and sub-societies, that it would be a major mistake to think about it as a whole. Consequently, from a traveler’s viewpoint, many regions are quite safe for travelers to visit Pakistan. All the tourist spots like all the northern areas (famous for its mighty mountains and lush green valleys) are safe to visit. There are some territories like border areas, Karachi, and some areas of Baluchistan where you have to be extra careful.

Is Pakistan Safe to Visit? (The Facts.)

The truth of the matter is, Pakistan is a difficult country to visit. That is exactly how it is. Yet, that doesn’t imply that Pakistan is not safe for you. Be aware of the dangers, do your homework completely, and it will be safe to visit Pakistan. In numerous spots, Pakistan is the same as India in terms of the busy routine and life. 

Tourism is developing in Pakistan rapidly. (The warm, inviting and hospitable individuals certainly add to that.) The Pakistan government predicts that by 2025, the travel industry will contribute 9.5 billion dollars to the economy. An ever-increasing number of individuals are visiting Pakistan every year, either all alone or with organized tours. In 2017, 1.75 million travelers visited Pakistan. Rewind 10 years to 2007 and the number of guests was only 876,000. 

In 2018, the British Backpacking Society regarded Pakistan as one of its top destinations. There are risks as mentioned above. In specific territories, there is a greater rate of street crimes. Pakistan ranks 151 out of 163 nations positioned on the 2018 Global Peace Index.Each time the Western media discusses Pakistan, it is not to demonstrate to you how extraordinary its Himalayan mountains are. Rather, they possibly notice it when something extremely horrendous is going on and, by horrendous, I mean any negative event caused by terrorists or any street criminals. 

However, while the facts confirm that huge numbers of these events occurred, but you should also that Pakistan is a very large country, with a populace of 200 million, made out of several provinces with numerous political, social, and social contrasts.Things being what they are, is it safe to visit Pakistan? The briefest answer to it is that it truly relies upon where you go. A few zones of Pakistan are perilous to visit while others are completely safe for traveler and tourists. 

It’s critical to do some appropriate research beforehand and, if you go to a delicate region like Peshawar or the Swat Valley, simply travel with caution. If you do, then you can enjoy your trip to Pakistan at its fullest. Make a list of all the best and famous tourist spots in different regions of Pakistan, hire Cheap Rent A Car in Lahore or any other city for your trip to mighty mountain in Pakistan. Certainly, Pakistan will reward you with your best experience ever.

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