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Hunza Valley Heaven on Earth

Pakistan has been blessed with wonderful places that attract tourists to travel to Pakistan. And Hunza, which is also known as heaven on Earth, is one of these places. It is quite famous, for its beautiful landscapes and unique culture, with local people as well as the outsiders. 

Hunza or you can say that Heaven on Earth, is a wonderful mountainous valley situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is located at the north/west of the Hunza River, it is surrounded by a few high peaks including:

  • Rakaposhi
  • Hunza Peak
  • Darmyani Peak
  • Ghenta Sar
  • Ultar Sar 
  • Ladyfinger Peak and much more. 

The valley has different delightful natural sights which are the attractions for visitors. Baltit and Altit forts are quite famous among these attractions. Hunza has many other tourist attractions that you must visit once in your life. So, hire a car for rent in Lahore or other cities and plan your next trip to Hunza. Some of the tourist’s attractions are listed below: 

Karimabad Bazaar

Karimabad is the biggest town in Hunza. In Hunza, the bazaar of Karimabad is popular for its local handiworks, handcrafted rugs, traditional embroidered caps, wraps, handwoven fabric (paffu), shawls, and its gemstones which are popular everywhere in the world, especially Ruby. The Ruby mines are a well-known tourist destination.

Baltit Fort

The Baltit Fort has been turned into a heritage museum recently after some renovation. Baltit Fort is a lovely milestone in the town of Karimabad. The fort was built almost 700 years ago. It is probably the best place for a whole view of both Karimabad and the Hunza Valley. 

Altit Fort

Altit Fort is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Karimabad. Altit Fort lies part way up the climb to the region called Eagle’s Nest. This was the first fort structure of the Hunza Valley, constructed 1100 AD. However, the seat of the kingdom was moved to the Baltit Fort a couple of hundred years later. 

Both these forts are full of the history of ancient kingdoms of Hunza valley and its people. Both these forts have splendid views of both Karimabad and Hunza Valley. But still, if you have to choose as you have a short time then go for Baltit fort.

Rakaposhi Mountain View

Usually, a 6000 meters climb is quite impressive, but not in Hunza. In Hunza, the mountains are so incredibly big, most tops under 20,000 feet aren’t even tall enough to have a name. 

From the town of Karimabad, you can see three of the highest mountain tops in the world

  • Bublimotin or Ladyfinger Peak has a height of 7,400m.
  • Ultar Sar, having a height of 7,500m.
  • The spectacular Rakaposhi which has a height of 7,788m. 

If the mountain top isn’t visible, it is still worth getting up early, since that implies more time to get the splendid views of the beautiful valley.

Attabad Lake 

If you have your own car or have access to a rent a car, a short trip to Attabad Lake is highly recommended. It is one of the genuinely superb attractions close to Hunza Valley. 

If you don’t have any means of transportation then finding a pleasant spot to absorb more of the valley’s astonishing view is never a bad idea.

The Most Vibrant of All Things Blue

The staggering magnificence of Attabad Lake (some of the time ‘Atta Abad’) is the result of a huge avalanche in 2010. Surrounding the lake on all sides are high steely dark stone faces, instances of the starkness of the Karakoram Mountain Range. 

The lake surface reflects a shade of the most vibrant blue, a color so amazing you need to see it to believe. There is a brilliant café close to a roadside viewpoint over the lake. Stop there for some steaming milk tea or coffee and appreciate the panoramic lake view. 

At long last, if you walk down to the lakeside itself, there are boats holding back to take you for a short trip of almost 15-30 mins around the lake. You must experience this boat ride if you visit Attabad Lake. The whole view is quite mesmerizing and worth a visit.

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