how to register ncp vehicles

How to Register NCP Vehicles in Pakistan?

We all know about the different kinds of vehicles that we see in our everyday life. These vehicles include cars that we have for our personal use, rental cars or vans, and vehicles for public transport.

We are also familiar with the registration process for these vehicles. There is another kind of vehicle that is known as NCP vehicle. In this article, we will discuss how to register the NCP vehicle in Pakistan. But before that let us talk about NCP vehicles. 

What is an NCP vehicle?

In simple words, we can define a Non-custom Paid vehicle as a vehicle whose custom duty is not paid. Here another question arises: what is custom duty? The amount that is being charged by the department of customs for a particular vehicle to be cleared off from the port. This amount is regarded as customs duty.

After paying the customs duty, your NCP vehicle is just duty-free, it still does not have any number plate or you can say that registration number. For that, you have to pay an amount that is regarded as an Excise and Taxation fee.

This is charged by the Excise and Taxation Department and in return, they will give a registration number for your vehicle. Now your vehicle can move around freely on the roads of Pakistan like any other car.

NCP vehicles in Pakistan

In Pakistan, nearly 80 percent of the individuals know that some trucks, jeeps, and some expensive vehicles come across the border. It includes the following vehicles:

  • Truck chassis
  • Toyota Corollas
  • Toyota Prado Jeeps
  • Mitsubishi Pajero 5 entryway/3 Door
  • 22-seater vans and list goes on

Individuals get these types of vehicles at less than 50% of the price. You can check it yourself if you have good links in government. You can also book one for yourself which you link the most and it will be in front of your door regardless of which province and city you live in.

This type of smuggling has a very long history. You can get an NCP vehicle in Pakistan at genuinely cheap rates as compared to the showroom rates.

These types of vehicles are most abundant in the areas of Pakistan like FATA (tribal areas) and Chaman which is in Balochistan (Pak-Afg border). Chaman being the main source.

Registration Process of NCP vehicles in Pakistan

At first, when NCP car or jeep is delivered it is not registered, so the common practice is that people find some of their contacts and reach to them in the Excise Department Motor Registration Wing where everyone is involved, for instance, from Clerk to Excise & Taxation Officer (ETO), even Director and Ministers are involved too. This is how it happens, in this computer and digital world. 

Detailed Procedure

To understand it completely, let’s take an example. The registration number sequence of Karachi for cars is, suppose ZZZ-999.

If a particular series is ZAA-000 then from start (ZAA-000) to the end (ZAA-999), 1000 cars will be registered in a computerized way. So, what happens in the case of NCP vehicles, people at the Excise Department Motor Registration Wing skip some numbers from the series like ZAA-648 or ZAA-345, etc. 

Now when a non-custom paid vehicle comes for its registration, the vehicle is assessed by the model, make, and manufacturing year for it to be legalized.

You also have to pay prefix charges without a custom file and in return, you will not only be on the computerized record but they might also give you the documents named Import File Custom Paid Documentation, well it depends on the officer and the prefix charges.

Once the process is completed your vehicle is ready to move all around Pakistan, like any other vehicle (public transport, cheap Rent a Car, cabs, and personal cars) with very little and weak chances of being caught.

This is because it is not stolen in Pakistan and came through an improper channel, so there is no record of it at the Customs Department. People usually do it because it saves them a lot of money especially in the case of jeeps it saves millions of rupees.

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