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How to Overcome Expensive Trips?

You open your social media and see an acquaintance exploring nature making their travel dream happen. Travel envy may hit you and you think the question, how they can afford travelling so much? No doubt, travel is expensive but that does not necessarily mean you have to stay back and you can’t enjoy having a family or friends trip. There are a lot of ways to overcome the expenses of your trip and make your memories, however you need to prioritize travel. Your motivation can take you places even with a small budget.

Low Travelling Expenses

Experienced travelers know how to keep their travel expenses minimum. The major areas are transport, food, accommodation and entertainment, so the key is to find ways to keep these necessities to a balanced level.

  • Keep accommodation expense low: Try finding cheap places, stay in camps or find friends or family places to stay. Finding deals at hotels or house rentals is also helpful.
  • Cheap transportation: Trains, buses or cars, you need to spend money on getting around. Rental cars are a good option so you can move around freely with your family and luggage. Walking saves you money and also you enjoy exploring the beauty of nature.
  • Cooking food: Whenever you visit a new place, eat the local cuisine. You can balance that cost by cooking your own food most often.
  • Free entertainment: When on trip, seek ways for free entertainment such as local events, sightseeing or arranging a bonfire.


If you want to make travelling a priority, the most useful tip is to cut down on your expenses. There are a lot of people who travel solely on their savings. Whenever you go out or make daily purchases, think of proper justification for things you really need. Try breaking your habit of buying new things to replace old ones, avoid places that make you spend money such as shopping malls, online shopping websites and food places.

Hang out at home or at friends’ places instead of fancy restaurants and make your own food to save extra money. Homemade food is best way to cut down budget in place of fast food or packaged food. Other than these few aspects, try analyzing your whole budget and end expenses that are not necessary such as magazine subscriptions.

Out of Season Travelling

A quick tip for cheap travel is to travel out of season. The road fare is lower and hotels are cheaper in such days. A lot of money can be saved and also you can avoid crowds out of peak season. You have all the view points to yourself and relish more especially if you do not like much gathering.

Group Travel

Individual travels are expensive than group travel. Sharing ride fare, meals and hotel rooms can save a lot of money. If you and your friends want to visit same places than arrange a group trip. Not only one time, you can do it more often as it makes everything affordable for every individual in the group. You can also find deals on tours and meals.

Earn while on Trip

There are a lot of ways to earn while traveling which greatly reduces your expenses. The idea to work freelance on your trip is one way. There are a lot of websites that allow people to find work in various different ways including non-technical work. You can be a content writer or a travel blogger. Once you have done some tours, you can organize your photos and tickets/ passes to create a blog of your own. Share your story and tips to travel with other people. It is alright if you do not make enough money out of it but still you will save your memories for later. You can teach online courses while traveling. You can also seek temporary jobs at your destination.

In pictures, it may feel that people traveling are having a perfect time without any worry but that’s not the reality. Travelling is expensive for a lot of people but if you are passionate, you find ways to overcome your expenses. Savings and wise spending helps you in the long run. Rent a car from Bhai Sahib Transport is one way to get luxury and saving too. Travel does not always means luxury, you just need to develop the outlook for having time of your life.

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