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How to Find Cheap Accommodation?

While going on a tour, accommodation is one of the biggest expenses – and lowering that cost can be a big-save. To many individuals, the decision seems to be either costly hotels or economical hostel dormitories.

However, there are numerous different choices available to tourists. Regardless of whether you are visiting top solo traveling destinations or traveling with family. These articles will help pick the right accommodation for you.

Don’t Book in Advance, Haggle on the Spot

If you are going to Southeast Asia, then accommodation prices on the spot can radically vary from those listed on booking websites. The most ideal option is to book only 1-2 evenings ahead of time. And research different hotels in the zone you like and pay them a personal visit to request a better price. 

It would almost certainly be at least 30% lower than those sold through booking websites. The more you plan to stay, the lower the cost can fall. No advanced haggling skills are required. Furthermore, if you have a nice following on social networks or run a blog, you can request a bigger discount in return for a positive survey and a couple of shout-outs.

Think Location

There is no point in finding cheap accommodation if it is miles away from your destination. In such a case, it will cost you more even if you avail of cheap car rental deals. 

Stay center in a central region near public transport, local attractions, restaurants, the seashore, the recreational parks. So that you can access all the necessities and be able to get out and stroll to most things.

Collect Points!

The most ideal approach to save money on accommodation is to get it for nothing. The only way to do so is to collect hotel points. It is a delight to collect points through different programs and redeem them to get a free stay at hotels. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash because there are many approaches to earn these points without spending cash.

Stay Mid-Week

In specific locations, one of the best strategies to find cheap hotel accommodation is to avoid weekends. So, avoid your trip to big cities over a weekend if possible. 

Take Advantage of Price Drop Refunds

There are various elements influencing hotel costs – the season, your area, and even the day when you’ve made the booking. It’s truly baffling to find significant price drops in only a couple of days after you have already reserved your stay. 

However, fret not! There are many booking engines available on the internet that will automatically refund the price difference back to your credit card if the hotel chooses to change it. 

Keep an Eye on Flash Sales

If you don’t mind spending a couple of hours daily hawking on flash sale sites and have flexible dates for your vacation. Then you can score incredibly affordable packages from very good quality hotels around the world. flash sale deals run for a limited time, so you do need to book quickly.

Stay in a Close Town or Outside the City Center

If you can’t find cheap hotels in the center of the city. Then it is best to stay slightly outside of the city. It will save you cash on the cost of hotels. If you don’t mind a little travel using public transport or cheap rent a car in Lahore or other cities.

But as mentioned above, be cautious that if you find accommodation far away from the attractions you wish to visit that it doesn’t cost you high transportation or parking costs, or valuable time. 

Follow on Social Media

Go and like your number one search websites on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. It’s getting increasingly more common for websites to release cheap deals for accommodation directly through their social networking channels.

Redeem Your Frequent Flyer Miles

You don’t need to be a travel hacker to get free facilities in return for your continuous flier miles. Five outings around Europe or two flights from Europe to the US/Asia will let you get a significantly discounted rate at one of the partner hotels or even a free stay.

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