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How to Drive Hassle-Free and Unworried?

It is the time when the sun is shining at its fullest and the heat of summer is making us feel its presence with great intensity.

While you must have changed your closet and curtain, is your favorite speed machine prepared for the summer yet? Summers can be really tough on vehicles, particularly during high temperatures when heat can obliterate batteries and stress the cooling system and tires, along these lines. 

It’s still some time before the monsoon knock on our doors in many parts of the country and all the more reason to get your vehicle checked. After everything, we would prefer not to be stuck in a broken-down vehicle on a blistering summer day and be the reason for a long traffic jam or during your trip.

To avoid any such unfavorable condition, we have prepared some tips to keep your vehicle going during this tough climate change. These tips will help you by providing solutions to car problems to have a hassle-free and unworried driving experience even if you have hired any cheap rent a car in Lahore or other cities from any rental service providers. 

Routine check-ups

Road trips or long drivers are surely relaxing than morning/evening drives, yet given that your normal speed is expected to be higher, and furthermore, you’ll be driving over longer spans, it’s important for the vehicle to be fit.

The smallest of an issue can successfully destroy your vacation plans, so the most ideal way out of this is to get your car checked/serviced/maintained before setting out on a journey.

As a general guideline, simply check the liquid levels and guarantee that the onboard diagnostic system isn’t showing anything before going out. 

You can also read our guide on Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Get your air conditioner serviced

The Air conditioner is the most significant part of the vehicle with regards to dealing with the summer heat. If you don’t have a fancy vehicle that accompanies climate control it turns out to be considerably more imperative to take care of the AC unit.

Being a summer essential, it can be more terrible if it’s not up to date during this burning situation.

Generally, the reason for breaking down the A/C unit is a low level of coolant and the leakage of gas thus Air Conditioning unit ought to be maintained/serviced every three years or whenever needed. A standard vehicle A/C service will help guarantee comfort of travelers during this hot season.

Reserve at least one week in advance

It seems to be the earlier the better, the same as airlines. If the booking is increased, it can cause rates to be increased. Bit it is not always true. It is still better to make a reservation at least a week ago if you are planning to use any Rent a car for your trip to avoid any last-minute hassle. Moreover, some rental car agencies offer some special deals and discounts if you make an early reservation online. 

Find out about the cancellation policy of the rental company before making any reservation. In particular, you need to know whether there is a cancellation charge and how much advance notice is required to evade heavy penalties. Check this for further guidance: 5 compelling Car rental Tips for Newbies 


The absence of readiness can be destructive. While planning the route of the trip is fundamental, ensure that you mark points of interest and emergency contacts. 

Keep a first aid unit, a couple of water bottles, chocolates, and prepare to eat snacks alongside you. The vehicle’s registration files, licenses, and PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate shouldn’t be overlooked, either. 

Check the extra tire for pressure, and check whether the tool compartment has all the tools also.

The right coolant mixture

During summer, coolant ought to be included as a 50-50 blend of anti-freeze and water. According to specialists, coolants ought to be changed every year on most vehicles as this will keep the cooling system new and clean inside. Additionally, a basic test will help prevent corrosion and guarantee that the coolant has a legitimate boiling point and protection.

Keep following each of these tips in your mind as they will guarantee a hassle-free and unworried journey for you in the blistering summer. Neither the rising temperatures nor the jam traffic conditions will make a hurdle for you and it will be going great for you

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