Hidden Paradises of Pakistan

Pakistan has been blessed with various enchanting holiday destinations. Every summer thousands of tourists and travelers book their flights, take their cars or hire Cheap Rent A Car in Lahore to discover new holiday destinations in Pakistan but still, some spots remain unexplored. 

Here is a list of some truly stunning and spectacular areas awaiting discovery, which each Pakistani may not know about.

Minapin Village, Gilgit Baltistan

Many individuals mistake Nagar District for being a part of Hunza. The thing is these two regions used to be independent states until the early-1970s. 

Because of the growing flood of visitors and tourists, both Hunza and Nagar have seen a blast in their economy. Even though Gilgit-Baltistan is swarming with tourists throughout the year, you have to include two or three additional days to your travel itinerary and visit Minapin. It is one of the loveliest towns in Nagar District. 

With its beautiful scenery and incredibly friendly people, Nagar is probably one of the most underrated tourists’ goals in Pakistan. Here, you can just rest and appreciate the serenity of the valley.

Minapin town has its little dam for power generation. Also, there are various cherry and mulberry farms in the town, alongside different fruits and vegetables. The proprietors are not just let you buy their products at a reasonable cost yet, also, let you eat up the berries while giving a tour to their farms. 

Minapin is on the left side of the Hunza River. It connects directly to Karakoram Highway, which makes it easily accessible. This wonderful spot in Pakistan is also a well-known stay-over travel spot among adventure seekers who want to trek to the Rakaposhi base camp. 

If you are planning on taking a road trip to Khunjerab Pass in Gilgit Baltistan, you can easily incorporate a night stay in this town in your travel route.

Great Trango Tower

Fan of adventure sports? Baltistan offers the most vertical mountain on the planet. Ideal base for jumping. This excellence situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region is an incredible sight. 

Not many individuals know about this epic spot and it came to the light when two Australians in 1992 made the world record of base jumping from the Great Trango Tower.

Ratti Gali Lake, Azad Jammu, And Kashmir

A mesmerizing lake in the stupendous Neelum Valley in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Ratti Gali Lake is a heaven for trekkers and hiking enthusiasts. It is situated at over 12,000 ft. from sea level. 

The crystal-clear and sparkling blue water of the Ratti Gali Lake is surrounded by snow-covered mountains lasting through the year. It is just open between July and October. The rest of the year, heavy snowfall makes it difficult to hike to the lake. 

To reach Ratti Gali Lake, one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Pakistan, you have to drive for roughly 3 hours to reach the town of Dowarian in Neelum Valley. From that point, you can take a 2-hour jeep ride to the amazing Ratti Gali base camp. When you reach there, you can either rent out a camp in the tent city camp for the evening or trek for one more hour to see the lake. If you book a camp at the base camp, you can also visit Hans-Raj Lake. But remember it would require around 4 additional hours of trekking. 

From Rohri to Quetta

Train travels are always astounding when you are with your friends and family but this delightful track from Rohri to Quetta is going to blow your mind! Recorded as one of the longest railroad tracks on the planet it is the most scenic railroad ride in all of Asia. It extends from Quetta to Turkey through Iran.

Garam Chashma, Chitral

Garam Chashma is a small scenic town in the beautiful Lotkoh Valley of Chitral. It is named after its primary fascination: the bubbling hot spring that spouts out of Sulfur deposits. I recent years, the town has seen an increase in travelers from all parts of Pakistan. Individuals mostly visit this lovely place in Pakistan to bathe in the water as it is believed to cure different skin diseases. 

If you are planning to visit Chitral, ensure to visit Garam Chashma too. Alongside the famous hot Sulfur spring, the town is known for its rich green meadows set against a striking backdrop. 

Besides, because of its developing popularity as new tourist goal in Pakistan, the government has now built a various public bathroom for guests who want to soak in the chilled off water from the spring. 

Practically all hotels and visitor houses in the zone additionally have a direct water connection to the Sulfur spring. In this way, if you are reserving accommodation in Chitral, you should pick a hotel in the peaceful town of Garam Chashma and bathe in the water known for its therapeutic and recuperating properties.

The Great Wall of Sindh

Standing tall and magnificent, Ranikot Fort also called The Great Wall of Sindh, is probably one of the biggest forts on the planet and grandstands its royal glamour. Roughly a three-hour drive from Karachi, this spot is a must-visit ideally in the winter season.


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