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Here Step by Step Guide How you Can Rent a Car?

You may need to rent a vehicle if your own car is in the mechanic’s shop. Or on the other hand, possibly you’re going on a long road trip and need a bigger vehicle for your traveling. You may be in the midst of vacation and need a set of wheels to get around. Or on the other hand, possibly you’re just the sort who once in a while needs a vehicle and inclines toward using a Rental Car when you do. Regardless of the conditions, knowing how to rent a vehicle is helpful information to keep in your back pocket.

Step 1: Reserving a Rental Car

Compare Prices Online. 

You should check different travel websites, do your homework and compare thoroughly. Compare the rates of different companies of different sized vehicles that best suit your requirements like your location the period of time in which you need the rental car. Beware of hidden charges and take into account these things and charges like:

  • GPS navigation system
  • Child car seats.
  • Insurance.
  • Different drop-off locations.
  • Returning the car before the reserved return date.
  • Underage-driver fees
  • Airport surcharges
  • Additional driver fees

Because all these things could be the reason to increase your total amount of rental car.

Consider the Size and Features you will Need

You can rent a car in any size but you also need to do your homework on what kind of car you need, what should be the size of your rental car and what features do you need in it like car seats for kids, GPS, etc.Also, keep it in your mind that the definitions of terms like “compact” and “luxury-sized” can vary from company to company. Most company websites include examples of models or how many passengers can fit in different car sizes. Also, different car models offer you different facilities so choose your rental car size and model wisely.

Make your Reservation by Phone or Online

Reserve the rental car of your choice online and prepay for it. Many rental car agencies reserve your car without pre-payment, and some need your credit card number. You can also reserve your car by calling the company and reserve a pickup time, date and location with a customer service agent.

Step 2: Picking up the Rental Car

Go to the Place where you have Reserved your Rental car

After selecting a Rental agency that suits your requirements and reserving a car according to your needs, the next step is to pick up your car. For picking up your rental car, you need to go to the location where you have reserved your rental car.

Review your Rental Contract

Review your contract thoroughly before signing it and handing it to the agency. Make sure that all the information you provided in the contract is correct. Make sure the price is the same as quoted. Also, ask a question if you have any queries before leaving the rental lot.

Pay For the Rental

If you have not paid your rent online then you need to pay it before leaving the rental lot. Also, try to use your credit card as many credit card companies offer insurance. So, you can save your insurance fee by using a credit card. Credit cards also come with many discounts and offers.

Check the Car Carefully and Thoroughly Before you Leave the Car lot.

Check your car thoroughly before leaving the rental lot. Check if is there any dents, scratches, leaks, dysfunctional lights, any loose parts or anything that can be considered as damage. Make a picture or video of it or record it for the future.

Leave With the Rental

Collect your rental car key and a copy of your contract before driving off the rental lot.

Step 3: Returning the Rental Car

Fill the Car with Gas. 

Some rental vehicle contracts give you the alternative of returning the vehicle without a full tank of gas, but in that situation, you will be charged additionally. Try to find a gas station a couple of miles from the drop off location. In any case, be aware that the gas stations that are nearest to the rental area will probably have the highest prices.Numerous organizations will offer to enable you to pay for the last fill-up upfront, however, this is often a terrible deal, money-wise, regardless of the comfort.

Clean out the Inside of the Car.

Try not to leave any junk and trash behind for the organization to clean out, or you will be charged. Ensure you check both the front and back seats carefully and remove all of your assets before you leave the car. Check under every one of the seats for any things that may have moved under there.

Bring the car Back to the Rental agency at the Agreed upon date and time.

Try not to be late; many agencies of Rent A Car in Lahore and in other countries will charge you for another entire day if you bring the car back even 30 minutes late than you said you would. Check with the company’s office in advance to find out their precise strategy on late returns. Additionally, be aware that a few companies will even charge an expense for returning the vehicle too soon. By and by, it’s ideal to ask their approach with respect to this at some time before the time comes to return the vehicle.

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