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Here some Fun Things to do at Swaik Lake

Pakistan has many natural spots for tourist’s destination, and the beauty is not only bound to the locations in the northern areas of the country. The Churna Island of Karachi and Gorakh Hill Station of Sindh are already found the tourism locations other than a various vacation and tourist spots and destinations in Baluchistan. However, there are some unexplored gems like the beautiful, mystic ‘Swaik lake’ just waiting to be discovered.

Swaik Lake is situated by Khandoyah in the Punjab area which can be accessed through the M2 motorway connecting Lahore and Islamabad. Swaik Lake is natural spectacular lake come waterfall, located in Kallar Kahar, Tehsil District Chakwal, Pakistan. It is 10-kilometers away from Kallar Kahar, Chakwal. It is normally called Neela Pani. Swaik lake, it is deep shallow water whole lake is covered up between highest and most astounding rocks, cliffs and mountain. The water of Lake is completely clear and the same spot is that the origin of the water that is the reason it’s extra pure than the other lake in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Swaik Lake is kind of just like Neela Wahn’s magnificence alternatives, which lake is also within the listing of traveler’s and tourist’s destination, in addition, a few families, guests, come from totally different areas, cities, countries to explore the miracle of Kallar Kahar, then the positively, spend and enjoy their vacation and trip with loved ones at Swaik Lake and had many adventurous activities like swimming in lake, diving, camping and rejoice in trekking all long during a very secured way.Take your own car or use any Rental Car service to see what are you missing. Some of the fun activities, games and beautiful scenes that are waiting for you at Swaik Lake is mentioned here:

Hike at Swaik Lake:

The hike to the Swaik Lake is pretty much similar to the hike to Neela Wahan in spite of the fact that the level of difficulty is somewhat higher as that of Neela Wahan’s. The trail is very wide for about 10 to 15 minutes after which it gets thinner and steeply declines towards the valley that encapsulates the lake. After a further hike of almost 30 minutes and you would be down to the base and the lake would be right in front of you. The lake has become a very famous place in recent times.

Lake Swimming:

Lake of swaik is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. The awesome landscape, cascading waterfall and crystal-clear water of the lake makes one hard to believe that it is right here on this planet. One cannot afford to miss a dip in the pure and clear water of Swaik lake. Hundreds of people enjoy swimming in this comforting water of Swaik lake. People spend many hours enjoying swimming, splashing water on one other and enjoying with their families and friends.


Swaik lake along with its charm and magnificence also fascinates people with many fun activities like cliff diving. Lake is encapsulated by mountains, cliffs, and rocks and that makes it a perfect spot for cliff diving. So, it is also an attraction for many adventurous people.

Picnic Spot:

Swaik Lake with all its beauty and attractions is located near Khandoyah. The peace in the air and soothing lake water makes it a perfect spot for a picnic. Many people come with their families and friends for a picnic and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the lake.


Swaik Lake fascinates its guests and tourists with its cascading waterfall, pure water, and peaceful environment. Many guides are also available to guide you about this wonderful Swaik Lake and its surroundings. Many tourists and visitors also set their camp near the swaik lake and enjoy camping with their friends. People come with proper preparations and they also enjoy a BBQ party near Swaik Lake.

These are some of the things that you can do at Swaik Lake and have a memorable one-day trip with your friends and families. So, hurry up! Take your own car or use Rent A Car Lahore service to visit this magnificent Lake with your family and friends.

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