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Here is How You Can Take Care of your Car This Summer?

In summers, the weather is always warmer in every region. But in Pakistan, temperature reaches up to 52 degrees in summers. Summer’s extremely high temperatures can negatively affect everybody – and everything, including your vehicle. Extraordinary temperature can push a vehicle past its limits, and that can lead a few drivers finding themselves stranded at the roadside. To avoid such circumstances, people prefer to use Rent a Car Lahore and other rental car options to move from one place to another. As you and your skin need proper care in summers. You use sun-blocks and umbrellas to escape from the direct contact of those hot rays coming from the red-hot sun directly. Similarly, rays from the sun also affect your vehicles and proper care is required to save your cars in sunlight. The accompanying tips can enable you to take care of your car in the hot summer.

Coolants/ Antifreeze:

Cooling systems shield engines from overheating and should to be flushed from time to time, as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. Between flushes, ensure the coolant is filled to the correct level by checking the overflow reservoir. If important, top off the reservoir with a 50/50 blend of water and the coolant type recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Alert! – Never remove the cap of your car’s radiator when the engine is hot – bubbling coolant under pressure could cause serious burn injuries. Rubber cooling system parts and components are sensitive to heat, so regularly check your hoses and drive belts for breaking, soft spots or different indications of poor condition.


When exposed to sweltering summer sun for a considerable length of time, your vehicle’s paintwork could start to fade — something which is time-consuming and expensive to put right. During the summer season, try to avoid to park your car in burning sunlight for a longer period of time and find a shaded region instead. Moreover, invest some money in your car and get a good car cover for your car. A car cover will save your car from sun rays as well as from specks of dust.

Tire Pressure:

Driving on under-inflated tires can make tires overheat and increase the probability of a blowout, particularly when road temperatures are very high. Check your vehicle’s tire pressure (including the extra) once every month at least, since tires commonly lose around one pound of pressure for every month through normal leakage. For the most precise reading, check tire pressures when the tires are not heated. Continuously follow inflation pressure suggestions in your vehicle owner’s manual or on the tire information label situated in the glove box or on the driver’s door jamb. Try not to use the inflation pressure formed into the tire sidewall, which may not be the right pressure for your specific vehicle.


Glare from the sun adds to around 3,000 mishaps per year, so it’s critical to keep your windscreen clean and clear perfectly, especially during the summer season. Dirt particles, trash, and slurs on the inside and outside of the windscreen will influence visibility, so make sure that the windscreen of your car is perfectly cleaned. The most ideal approach to clean the outside of the windscreen is with a screen wash of very good quality that removes dirt particles, oil, and debris. For the inner side of the windscreen, use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to get rid of dust and any smears.

Air Conditioning:

Did you realize the average air conditioning unit loses around 15% of its refrigerant gas yearly? So, every summer should get it serviced — given that you’ve been using it. Air Conditioner will not only keep you cool in the driver’s seat, but it can remove destructive pathogens in the air that can cause hay fever and hypersensitivities, so it is ideal to have during the summer season.

Many maintenance tasks, needed to set up a vehicle for extraordinary summer heat, are generally simple and can be performed by the normal driver, yet some are best left to a proficient automotive expert. So make your car all ready before the summer season and visit any service station. For maintenance purposes, it is worthy enough to leave your car to any nearest service stations. You can use Rental Car services when your car is at any service station. This wait will reward you in the long run, it will improve the condition of your car in the summer season.

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