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Gadgets and Accessories, you Must have While Travelling to North Pakistan.

No matter we use our personal cars or use Rent A Car in Lahore or in any other city, we travel as much as we can, as far as we can and for as long as we can. The travel bug in us regularly causes us to go away too far off territories and explore new places. With regards to traveling, we book tickets, pack our bags and head off to have a great time of our life. In any case, the majority of us ignore the fact that we have to carry certain travel accessories especially traveling to north Pakistan so as to make our traveling comfortable and secure. We frequently neglect to carry certain items and end up looking them through the whole journey. Thus, here is a list of must-have travel gadgets and accessories to carry alongside you-


LifeStraw is perfect for climbing, backpacking, camping, travel and emergency readiness. It facilitates you to turn up to 1,000 liters of polluted water into safe drinking water. So, it is the most important thing to take along with you while traveling to northern Pakistan.

Sleeping Mask and Ear Plugs

You may want to fall asleep in sunlight or in a van if you are destination is far and music is blasting then these two will come in handy.

Warm Shawl/Lightweight Jacket

If you are the type of person who feels cold very much then you will undoubtedly need it while traveling as well as during your stay in north Pakistan.

Mints, Sanitizer, Wet Wipes, and Tissue paper

Wherever you go, hygiene is necessary, especially traveling toilets you will find will be very compromising. So, these will help you in such compromising conditions.


Things like your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, cream, lip balm are very important to take along with you while traveling so that you can freshen up.


When you are traveling, especially to a place like north Pakistan you must take some snacks with you for in between the breakfast/lunch/dinner stopovers. Also, they will help you if your journey is elongated than the expected time.

Power Bank:

Who doesn’t own a power bank nowadays?! All things considered; a power bank is an absolute necessity to take along with you when you are traveling long distances. You cannot always find a socket or plug point when you are out in the forested areas, or any open space at all. If you have a power bank, you are good to go!

Safety Locks:

A great many people take safety locks with them while traveling to north Pakistan, yet many still do not comprehend the utility of this travel accessory. It is really one of those things which must be a top priority in your things to carry list since you generally need to secure your baggage regardless of where you are going to.

Swiss Knife

No, it is not recommended to carry a Swiss knife as weapons! It is basically to support you if you happen to find yourself in a condition where you have to cut a rope or some other thing. A Swiss knife is your multi-utility thing that is certain to be helpful on your journey.

First Aid Kit and Medicines

No one can tell when you can meet with a mishap or fall sick when you are traveling to your selected spot. It is always important to take a first aid kit and some medicines along with you to help in the times of critical need. (We do hope you never need them, however!) Add the accompanying things to your first aid kit- bandages, balm/antiseptic, cold compress, cotton balls, thermometer, tweezers, antacids, fever and pain reducers.

Hiking Boots/ Sturdy Joggers

The importance of climbing boots/ sturdy joggers cannot be explained in words if you are traveling to north Pakistan. Cheap quality, old, weary shoes that are anything but joggers or boots won’t work. I have seen individuals break their shoes right at the beginning of the trek.

Travel Pillow

Traveling without a travel pillow can be very tiring. You may consider it to be an additional item to take care of but trust me it is an affordable necessity especially when you have to spend hours in your own car or in your Cheap Rent A Car in Lahore or in any other city.

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