Do’s and Don’ts While Driving on a Motorway

Regardless of whether you spend countless hours driving your car or use Rental Cars every week, or you save the best part of your yearly mileage for a summer vacation at the other end of the country, the majority of us like to think we know what we’re doing on the motorway. In any case, we’ve all driven alongside a terrible driver before, and to tell the truth, we aren’t generally so impeccable ourselves. To help you to hit the nail on the head on the roads, we’ll go through the dos and don’ts of motorway driving.

Do Pay attention

Motorways may appear like the easiest roads to drive on; everybody’s going a similar way, signs are normally clear and self-evident, and you don’t have any traffic lights, corners or single direction system to stress over. That could calm you into a false sensation that all is well and good, while the monotony may begin to make your eyes feel a little droopy. Ensure you focus, however, as no roads have higher speeds than motorways, and better to take a break in case you’re tired.

Do Cancel the indicator when you have completed the maneuver.

When you have overtaken and built up a safe distance from the vehicle in the left-hand lane, check your mirrors and left-hand blind spot, and when it is safe, use indicators before moving back into the lane. You should always use indicators when moving to another lane.

Do Know the signs

Signage on a motorway cautions of risks ahead, for example, fog, spillages or road works. If the sign is on the focal reservation, it applies to all lanes, though the flag on gantries can apply to singular lanes. 

Golden glimmering lights on signs caution of danger ahead and may demonstrate a temporary speed limit. Change your speed and look out for danger until you pass a signal that doesn’t have glimmering lights, or you see the “All clear” sign. 

If you see red blazing lights on an overhead gantry and a red “X”, it is illegal to go past the sign-in that lane. 

Do Indicate

Regardless of whether on the motorway or driving through towns and urban areas, indicators aren’t there to make your dash look beautiful for a couple of minutes. They are the only tool you need to demonstrate other road users your intentions, and using indicators on the motorway could prevent another vehicle from heading into a similar lane you want to move towards.

Don’t Overtake

You should only overtake on the right of other autos, except if you’re in a traffic jam. Before you do as such, check your mirrors and ensure it is safe to pull out. Numerous drivers don’t do this however it’s crucial if you want to abstain from hitting a hidden vehicle or bike. 

Don’t cross the speed limit

In case we’re straightforward, much travel at around 77-80mph on the motorway. Some even go to 90mph or past. In any case, anybody going over the 70mph speed limit is violating the law. The Highway Code says the speed limit is the absolute maximum speed at which you can travel, and that you should not surpass it. If conditions are terrible, for example, in rain, snow or fog, at that point you should drive at a more slow, safe speed. 

Additionally, pay special mind to notice warning signals that direct a mandatory, permanent or impermanent speed limit that might be upheld because of traffic conditions ahead. What’s more, know the maximum speed limit isn’t 70mph for everybody – it’s 60mph for those towing a caravan or trailer and for vehicles over 7.5 tons.

Don’t forget to keep a safe gap

The Highway Code’s recommendation is to always keep a safe and reasonable distance from the vehicle in front and to increase the gap on wet or icy streets, or in fog. That implies enabling yourself enough space to pull up securely if the vehicle ahead all of a sudden slows down or stops. This equates to at least two seconds in ordinary conditions, and double that on wet streets. At the point when it’s icy, leave much more space between vehicles.

Don’t: Stop

You should not stop on the motorway, except if you break down or have another genuine crisis. The hard shoulder is a risky spot to stop and is not there for making a quick telephone call to your people, having a snack, or even going to the toilet.

These are the few dos and don’ts that you should keep in your mind whether you are diving your car or you are hiring any Rent A Car in Lahore or any other city on the motorway. So, count them on your fingers and enjoy your trip.

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