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Covid-19 Staying Home Watch these Travel Movies to Spark your Wanderlust

The world is in the grip of a destructive virus Corona or COVID-19 and the only plausible obvious cure is to stay at home and keep up social separation. Not at all like the past, this time there are no birds, pigs, or monkeys targeted to blame but humans as we are the reason for its spread as we are active carriers and spread it from one region of the world to the next. 

Having a complete lockdown in cities is the only plausible approach to control this pandemic. Certainly, it is an exceptional situation, yet it is more excruciating for the individuals who love to remain always moving to explore and experience new goals.

All in all, how to satisfy the desire to keep the brain occupied with exploring new locations and destinations? The most ideal approach under this strict lockdown and the need of keeping up social distancing are to watch the best travel movies to keep the hunger ignited. 

For those who are stuck at their homes and cannot use any metro cab service to go to their favorite destinations, they can satisfy their hunger by exploring their favored destinations from a different perspective. The various audio-visual presentations of tourist destinations with stories of travel movies which are full of emotion and adventure will help you in this regard. 

Watching movies won’t simply satisfy your desire for something new however could be another sort of learning experience.These movie producers invest a lot of money and time in catching the absolute best shots in the correct perspective, so if you are a devoted traveler you can always get some motivation to plan your next tour to the unexplored regions of the world.

Into the Wild

Exemplifying the feeling of spontaneity, freedom, and energy that accompanies hiking and exploring, Into the Wild is really a timeless classic. McCandless’s pioneering soul will spark a solid urge for new experiences for the outside as well as the drive to discover what lies outside your comfort zone and limits. 

Lost in Translation (2003)

Being a tourist or traveler, you know it very well that one feeling that associates everything is the universality of the friendship. Lost in Translation is a pleasantly made film in the beautiful encompassing of Tokyo discovers the minutiae of multilayered human feelings associated with building a friendship with an outsider.

Bob Harris, played by Bill Murray, is a mature famous actor, who is in Tokyo for a shot of a whiskey commercial, meets Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, who is with her newlywed husband who is a celebrity photographer. The 2003 film takes you on an emotional tour through Tokyo through the eyes of two American strangers. 

The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries is a breathtaking dramatization of Che Guevara’s motorcycle road trip, years before he was a well-known Latin American activist. 

Not exclusively does this biopic help you to remember how Che turned into an influential figure, yet it will give you a snapshot of various wonderful areas in South America. 

Locations and spots, it Captures: South America –

  • Machu Picchu
  • Nahuel Huapi Lake
  • Atacama Desert
  • Patagonia
  • Venezuela
  • Caracas
  • Buenos Aires and Miramar

The Bucket List

This one is another perfect masterpiece brimming with contrast for explorers to watch. If you have a feeling that you are missing your spark, simply feel the passion of an extremely rich person Edward Cole, and a car mechanic Carter Chambers, played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman respectively in The Bucket List.

Beginning from a clinic bed, where two complete strangers go against the doctor’s advice and begin their journey to do those certain things they always wanted to do however couldn’t finish. Desires and feelings are classless, so watch this film to reignite your urge to discover the world the manner in which you want.

These are a few great travel movies that can help you to have a good time in this lockdown. Watch these movies, select your destinations, prepare your wish list, select the hotel you want to stay in, and also select the rent a car package you want, so that you can start your trip right away after this lockdown and pandemic.

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