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COVID 19- 5 Reasons You Should Stay Home

This is a significant time in our society to help and support each other while taking care of ourselves first.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still on the rise, everybody is being urged to stay at home . . . in any case, it doesn’t end there. We all know COVID 19 has affected every aspect of life, everyone is advised to stay home so that they can stay safe. All tourist companies, even rental car companies are closed and some of them are trying to make their ways by delivery services. 

Staying home signifies to limit time out in the public and expelling yourself from group settings . . . it does not mean (at least not completely, yet) to not leave your home at all for any conditions. Even during a full lockdown, food markets, drug stores, and grocery stores are still open.

Presently like never before is an ideal opportunity to utilize common sense. Stay away from others when you are out, limit your time being out, and keep up the clean and healthy habits like washing your hands with hand wash and water at regular intervals for at least thirty seconds, changing your clothes as soon as you came home from any market or work, and continuing cleaning wipes close by to wipe down your cell-phone, hands and steering wheel in the wake of getting things done.

Stay home, Stay healthy

Limitations like social distancing or physical separating, or shelter-in-place orders have been seen as effective in certain territories, generally in blend with different strategies like testing and close contact tracing. A few nations like South Korea, Singapore, and regions, for example, Hong Kong, have utilized a blend of procedures to level the bend in their zones and those have been exceptionally effective. 

Help others to Stay Healthy

Here is a basic case of how COVID-19 might spread from a contaminated individual to an uninfected individual with no physical contact between them:

  • A contaminated individual coughs into their bare hand. They don’t wash their hands after this cough.
  • The contaminated individual, utilizing their uncovered hand into which they just coughed, opens a door in their working environment, at a mall, or even the door of Rent a car by contacting the handle.
  • An uninfected individual, utilizing their uncovered hand, opens that same door a couple of moments later, making contact with the handle of the door.
  • That uninfected individual then yawns and covers their mouth with the same hand that contacted the door handle.
  • The virus enters the respiratory tract of the uninfected individual and then contaminates them.

This is how the virus spread, staying home will not only help you but also help others to stay safe if you are infected.

Break the Chain

You can take that vacation some other time that you have planned a long time ago for your break. There will probably be a Spring Break one year from now . . . in any case, shouldn’t something be said about those soon to be newlyweds who needed to drop their wedding celebrations with loved ones since it is the best thing to do especially for their loved ones and our society . . . shouldn’t something be said about the individuals who are sacrificially canceling memorial arrangements to limit individuals being together in gatherings of more than 10. 

Above mentioned example showed how the virus spread and it will spread with double speed if you are at some gathering. So, by staying home you can break this continuous chain of virus spread.

Give our scientist time to find its vaccine 

Our scientists and doctors are working day and night to find the cure for this disease but obviously, they need time. It is not an easy task that can be performed in a few days.

Meanwhile, our heroes are working for us, it is our duty to give them time and stay at home so that they can work in peace without panicking about the increasing number of infected persons. You have to follow all the protocols and rules that our scientists and doctors have told us to stay safe until they find proper medication and vaccines for this virus.

Make the virus to disappear

The key thing to remember is that we really do not have the foggiest idea of what will happen; however, we do realize that a tremendous national and world effort is in progress to try to contain the spread and decrease the impacts. One of the best ways to control the situation is to stay home.

As it has been discovered that the virus will disappear automatically after some time if it is not contacted with any living thing. So, if we all stay home we can play our roles to fight against this virus.

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