corona-virus and renting a car

Corona-virus- Is it Safe to Rent a Car?

With certain states around the different countries starting to lift shelter in place orders, and others considering doing as such in the coming many months, numerous people are feeling positive about a return to normalcy — including travel. 

However, while the pandemic proceeds, and with a vaccine for Covid-19 possibly far away, many wonders what sort of travel will be protected and plausible in the near term.

Bucket-list outings to far-flung locations requiring journeys through crowded airports and in confined airplane lodges with different travelers may appear to be risky. Rather, numerous travelers are probably going to start small and decide on shorter and domestic outings that are nearer to home and accessible via vehicle, no visa, and passport required.

What’s more, in case you’re among the numerous urban tenants without your very own vehicle, you may also be asking: Are rental cars safe during this pandemic? 

This article is all about answering your concerns about rental cars, here is how to know whether your rental vehicle is safe to use, what measures you should take before using it, what are strategies of rental organizations and under what circumstances you could risk exposure when you hire a rental car.

How to know if the rental car is clean and safe?

To begin with, consider the most probable way the novel coronavirus can be transmitted, which is directly from the individual to individual, and afterward apply that logic to hiring a rent a car, wherein you and others in your party are the only travelers. 

It is also worth remembering that most of the coronavirus transmission is respiratory — it is not transmitted through inanimate things. When you use a rent a car, the most serious hazard is if you happen to be in the vehicle with another person and they could be infected with pre-clinic phase and much-discussed asymptomatic possibilities.

The vehicle is less of a hazard than the potential riders in it if they happen to be new riders that you have not been in close contact with. 

If it is the case you are not acquainted with your fellow travelers’ possible exposure hazard, if they are associates on a business trip for work from various areas, you would all be able to afford some extra protection by wearing masks and gloves. 

With regard to the vehicle itself, in general, the hazard is sensibly low. Regardless of whether there is a zone you contact that was not appropriately cleaned down and may have been contaminated, as long as you do not make a contact with your mouth, nose, and face, and have great hand cleanliness in the middle of, you should still be protected.

Strategies of rental car organizations during the pandemic

Due to coronavirus pandemic, many rental organizations have closed their services, and those which are still operational to help doctors, patients, and many healthcare workers are taking the following important measures to make their rental procedures contact-free and safe.

  • They use plexiglass counter shields to obey social distancing protocols 
  • Floor decals at their rental counters, so you will remain six feet from different clients 
  • Disposable masks and gloves, as well as hand sanitizer, will be accessible 
  • Rental agents and drivers will be wearing masks 
  • Paperless rental contracts are accessible in most areas 
  • They are constraining the number of travelers on each transport 

In numerous areas, you can utilize the facility to walk directly to your vehicle, guaranteeing a full contact less experience. Utilize our application to pick your vehicle and make any changes needed to your rental. 

What measures you should take before using a rent a car

As mentioned above, rental cars are not very risky if you use it with all the necessary measures. Following tips are helpful to make your rental vehicle safe to travel:

  • Try to disinfect the door handles, dashboard, and steering wheel with a good disinfector.
  • Make sure you wear disposable gloves and masks if you are traveling with other passengers.
  • If you need a rental car on a daily basis, try to book rent a car for a longer period so that you know you are only one who is driving this vehicle as it lessens the risk. Many organizations offer special deals and bundles for renting cars for longer durations. You can contact Bsahab transport if you need one.
  • Make sure you have good sanitizer in your rental car.
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