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Best Places to Camp in Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan was positioned the main travel goal in 2018 by the British Backpackers Society, an irregularity that earned much media consideration from monsters like Lonely Planet and Gulf News. The positioning featured how Pakistan was a definitive goal for experience visits and had the loftiest sights and the friendliest individuals. It is in reality about time that the external world sees the nation for what it truly is: a wondrous work of entrancing scenes, extraordinary and rich societies and ludicrously cordial individuals. Give us a chance to impart to you the best spots for hiking or even travelling them on your Rental cars in Pakistan for an incredible spending experience.

Gilgit City Area

Gilgit is the principle city you can land in from any worldwide airplane terminal, regardless of whether it’s Lahore or Islamabad. You can take transports like NATCO or Daewoo or you could fly there, in spite of the fact that flights are just planned on more than one occasion per week due to high height climate. The city of Gilgit itself isn’t where you will remain for long, but instead, go through to investigate the locale.

Visitor houses with WiFi can be reserved for a 1000 rupees (US $9) yet on the off chance that you fly in, you will be sufficiently lively to see the city by night following multi day of investigating. The transport rides from Islamabad, in any case, is tiring and long. Gilgit is the principle center of the locale with a visa broadening office. Spots to see in Gilgit incorporate the Gilgit River and the stone cutting of Kargah Buddha. Couch-surfing is another choice.

Pixie Meadows

Pixie Meadows is a mind boggling spot to see. The rich green glades with sky scratching tops make a praiseworthy spot to camp. Achieving Fairy Meadows from Gilgit requires taking a more than two-hour open transport ride to Ranikot Bridge for around 200 rupees (US $1.8) and from that point, a private four-wheel drive needs to enlisted, which costs 7000 rupees (US $70). To hold up under this cost, it’s ideal to have six companions with you to share. Now and again, you can impart to local people who may offer to go along with you or even take you for nothing on the off chance that you are solo.

The jeep just proceeds from where there is a climb of a few hours, contingent upon your speed. While the climb is straightforward for a great many people, a pony can likewise be employed. After achieving Fairy Meadows, you can camp, however ensure bring along your very own tent or lease a room. The lovely site of Nanga Parbat is most likely worth the while and the glades themselves are supernatural enough to house unbelievable pixie individuals. From here, you can climb to Nanga Parbat’s (the ninth most elevated mountain) base camp and take part in invigorating icy mass treks to different camps higher up.

Hunza Valley’s Karimabad

Hunza’s radiant capital, Karimabad, is ideal for hiking with numerous unimaginable treks close-by and a lot of spots to lease spending rooms or camp. Found an over two hour head out from Gilgit, it’s anything but difficult to reach and there is a lot to see. The encompassing perspectives are staggering and should visit spots incorporate Altit and Baltit Forts, which are both old castles of Royal sovereigns, reestablished perfectly by the Aga Khan Historic Cities Program. Numerous towns in Hunza are prevalently Aga Khani or Ismaili, an order of Shia Islam and have a place with a progressively liberal and otherworldly usage of the religion. Numerous different spots in Gilgit Baltistan have likewise been reestablished to the first brilliance by the AKDN.

The pretty lanes of Karimabad are sufficiently captivating to abandon you hypnotized for a couple of days. Bird’s Nest is another must-see spot adjacent where you can camp in your very own tent or lease one. You can without much of a stretch achieve the most noteworthy spot, which conveys a 360-degree perspective on the valley through a 30-minute taxi ride for about US $14 both ways.

Gojal Valley

Gojal Valley is another astounding spot to investigate and it is home to Attabad Lake, a dark blue lake shaped in 2010 overwhelmingly. Gojal fringes China, close to the Khunjerab Pass on Karakoram Highway (KKH) and furthermore outskirts Afghanistan at Chipurson Valley. The Batura Glacier, the world’s longest outside of the polar districts, is likewise in Gojal, alongside a large group of beguiling towns.

The districts here are exceptionally differing in scene with frigid pinnacles, brutal waterways, green fields and colossal ice sheets. Having your very own tent is a gigantic favorable position as you can camp at any spot of your decision. Various societies and individuals occupy its towns, which incorporate Gulmit, Gulkin, Hussaini at Attabad Lake, Shimshal and Misgar.

Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass is the most noteworthy outskirt on the planet at a stunning 8,000 or more feet and is a mind boggling accomplishment of designing. The course is fixed with mind boggling sees however should be taken by means of a private vehicle enlist for around 8000 rupees (US $80), as open transport isn’t accessible. Enroute to the pass, voyagers will appreciate seeing the Hussaini Bridge, the Passu Bridge and the fantastic Passu Glacier.


Skardu town is now an acclaimed hiking spot and which is all well and good, as it’s situated in a vital district with numerous fabulous spots to investigate., accessible to Rent a car. Skardu is a five-hour drive from Gilgit through an early morning transport ride costing about US $5. There are many spending plan to sumptuous room rentals accessible for various types of perspectives and solace levels. The Shangrila Resort is a standout amongst the most famous lodgings and its name has even forgotten about on Lower Kachura Lake, additionally prominently known as Shangrila Lake, which is likewise swim-accommodating.


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