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Best Car Rental Rates in Lahore

Traveling across your country or inside your own city, returning to Pakistan from abroad or you have your vehicle broken down, you need not stress as there are many Rent car agencies who provide you with extremely affordable Rent a Car in Lahore rates that everyone can easily afford and can continue with their plan.

Bsahab transport is one of them. The provides the best rates that beat everyone around. Bsahab Transport is not only a car rental service provider; they value their honored clients and they strongly believe in relationship building with clients by giving them top-notch benefits in unbelievably lower costs. 

Bhai Sahab Transport offers amazing rental vehicles to meet your travel needs within the low spending plan. Their all rental vehicles are eco-friendly, comfortable and fuel-efficient. If you are planning a trip or visiting your loved ones in some other city and you are looking for the best rental car with reasonable rent and rental agreements. So, you have come to the right place. Below are some best to rent a car with their prices. So, let’s choose your favorite car according to your seat requirements and budget.

5 Person Seating Capacity

There is a wide range of cars available in this category depending on the budget and features that you need according to your requirements. For example, if your budget is limited then you can have a four-door Suzuki Mehran (manual) which has the capacity of 5 persons and one bag of your luggage in just 3500 PKR.

You can also afford a Suzuki Wagon R in the same budget with the capacity of 2 bags of luggage. A manual Honda City is also available with a capacity of 5 people and 3 bags within the same budget. You can also afford to rent a swift or cultus of the latest model with the capacity of 5 persons and 2 bags of luggage in just 4000PKR per day. And if you prefer an auto car you can rent Corolla GLI or Honda city with a capacity of 5 persons and 3 bags in just 5000 PKR / day. And if you want luxurious, automatic 4 door car then the latest model civic is available for you in just 7500 PKR / day.

6-Person Seating Capacity 

If you need a 4-door vehicle for 6 persons then here is an APV available at your services. You can rent it in just 4500 PKR / day.

7-Person Seating Capacity

For a 4-door vehicle with a capacity of 7 persons and 4 bags, Bhai Sahab Transport offers you manual Bolan in just 3000 PKR / day and manual every in just 4000 PKR / day. If you need an automatic 4-door vehicle with the same capacity you can consider vezel in just 8500 PKR / day. If you want a luxurious 4-door vehicle with the same capacity you can check Prado in just 16,000 PKR / day or a Land Cruiser in just 25,000 PKR / day.

9-Person Seating Capacity 

An automatic 4-door High Roof with a capacity of 9 persons and 4 bags is available for rent in just Rs. 6000 / day.

12-Person Seating Capacity 

If you need to rent an automatic Hiace Mid roof for your trip in a low budget with the capacity of 12 persons and 6 bags, you can rent it from Bhai Sahab Transport in just 7500 PKR / day.

14-Person Seating Capacity

An automatic Grand Cabin with the capacity of 14 persons and 7 bags is also available for rent with the easy rental agreement in just Rs. 7500 / day.

28-Person Seating Capacity 

If your whole family plan to go for a trip to some hill station and you have a low budget then you can consider a coaster with the capacity of 28 persons and 15 bags in just 9,000 PKR / day. If your budget is flexible you can also check a saloon with the same capacity in just Rs. 13,000 / day.

42-Person Seating Capacity 

If you are planning a college or university trip with your friends or colleagues then you can consider a bus with a capacity of 42 persons and 20 bags in just 25,000 PKR / day.

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