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All About Our Beautiful Balochistan

Balochistan is considered as one of the most charming and ingenious provinces of Pakistan, containing 44% of the total land territory. Even though the territory has numerous tourist destinations and stunning sights, still individuals are explored this beautiful piece of land. Its coastline spreads more than 750 KM of the region and has different bright colorful sites and seashores. 

As of late, various travel bloggers take their cars or hire rental cars and make their way, particularly to Baluchistan. Besides, they shed light on the top attractions and described it as ‘Paradise on Earth’. There are many beautiful spots and beaches in Balochistan which are worth seeing and some of them are listed below:

Makran Coastal Highway

The astonishing highway set apart with 653 km long, lies along the Arabian Sea Coastline of Pakistan. By going through the Balochistan area among Karachi and Gwadar, this spot is a source of income for the individuals.

Sunny and Cloudy Ormara

Have you ever seen the wonderful perspective of Ormara? If not, then it is time to visit that marvelous spot both under the clouds and hammerhead in the sunset.

Sepat Beach

It is also another popular tourist spot; individuals enjoy spending their time here. It is situated at Lasbela region of Balochistan, Sepat seashore is outstanding for the strange rock formation known as Bujih Koh. Providing the view on the ocean with excellent Bujih Koh, the seashore is the home to some mysterious caves also. You will assuredly plan your next tour to this district and be excited about its excellence.

 Kund Malir

Kund Malir has been found as an intriguing point throughout the previous five years. It was serving the genuine sight of nature’s magnificence and considered one of the most liked travelers’ points of Pakistan. Splash some cold water, enjoy water sports or eat by the side of the seashore, your trip to Kund Malir can prove to be the most soothing experience.

Gwadar At Night, Under the Lights

To get an interesting mix of cultures, must-visit Gwadar, yet remember one thing that you won’t miss the spot around evening time under the lights.

Hingol National Park

One of the most excellent spots to be found in Balochistan is none other than the wildlife of the Hingol National Park. The national park acts as an astounding home to wild Sindh Ibex, Afghan Urial, and Chinkara Gazelle. 

Legendary Bolan Pass

If you want to taste history through the heartbreaking places, you should visit the incredible Bolan Pass once in your life. To see the stunning scenes, drive to the peak point of the Bolan Pass.


If you are intending to enjoy and spend healthy time with your companions or family, the Gaddani seashore in the southern piece of Balochistan is an ideal spot. You can feel relaxation through natural scenery and the enthusiasm of guests. Plan your entire day and enjoy energizing activities, walk by the wet sand and watch the sunset for the truly necessary peace of your brain.

Hanna Lake

Worked by British Colonials in 1894, this Hanna lake is one of the most imperative tourist destinations to remember. It is located at around 10 Km north of Quetta, so don’t pass up on the opportunity to visit that lake to freshen your eyes and mind.

The Cold Ziarat

Ziarat, which implies a shrine (grave of a sacred man), is enchanting the visitors with intriguing magnificence. If you need to see the most excellent scene of Ziarat, see it when the snowfalls.

The Inspiring Charoo Falls

What else anybody needs except for the sloppy scenery in the morning? Truly, it is the Charoo Falls, which is an unadulterated gift in our country, Pakistan.

Striking Pir Ghaib Falls

70 km away from Quetta on Sibi Road, the striking Pir Ghaib Falls is located. The waterfall flows down the rock-strewn mountainside by clearing the path through streams and lakes between the shady palm trees.

Chotok Khuzdar – Hidden Paradise

Because of the strategical and central location, this Chotok Khuzdar is available to motivate individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Its beautiful excellence captivates the travelers more appealingly.

These are the few beaches, waterfalls, deserts and mountains in Balochistan which makes Balochistan one of the top destinations for tourists and adventure seekers. So, don’t delay it further, book any cheap rent a car in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan and plan your next trip to this beautiful province of Pakistan.

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