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As there are two main options to consider at airports: On-Airport, where you can collect the vehicle from the airplane terminal itself and enjoy its comfort and convenience, for example this will normally include you lining up at the vehicle rental desk once you leave the airport’s baggage region before being accompanied to your rental vehicle where your vehicle will be parked in a vehicle parked at the Terminal itself, or Off-Airport, where your vehicle is not an airport terminal, it is at some short distance from the airport. Normally, a short vehicle or transport ride away. 

Airports normally charge a premium for the comfort of getting your vehicle directly after your flight and dropping it off just before the flight takeoff. Sometimes the comfort for us is worth the expense, and sometimes it is not. Normally the vehicle rental workplaces or offices situated inside the city offer lower rates so weigh your choices if it is justified for you to get to the city first and after that use Rent a Car in Lahore or in any other city where you are landing. If you know the local transportation structure in the city and also if you know a convenient nearby rental car agency has lower rates then it may be a good opportunity for you to make two different “Free Cancellation” reservations – one at the nearby rental car agency that you hope to use and other at the airport, just in case if your travel goes away.

During excessive airport demand or when you are searching for long-term rentals, a little bit of effort of getting away from the airport and reaching a nearby rental car company can save you a big amount. The strategy of considering off-port terminal areas doesn’t generally prove to be fruitful. In any case, we realize that regular travelers to an airport will see when there’s something strange with pricing, particularly at major cities with high traffic combined with ridiculous taxes and expenses at airport terminals. There are a few reasons you may still choose the Off-Airport option, with a saving on the cost of the rental being the most likely. But like any money-saving scenario, there are potential pitfalls to be aware of. Here are the key things to consider: 

Check Before you Book 

If you’re reserving your rental vehicle utilizing an online comparison site, they will usually inform you whether the organization is On-Airport or Off-Airport. Nonetheless, what they may not let you know is how far from the airplane terminal (distance-wise) they are and how you may get there. It might be worth calling them directly to find precisely what is included once you land at your destination to plan further. 

Do Your Homework

Before you reserve a rental vehicle, you do your due diligence online first. There are many companies available all over the internet, you can search them to get a thought of what a vehicle rental will cost you. There are also many websites available that perform a comparison test between different companies and their rents. You have to be very careful about your search as the internet is full of companies and some companies have very low initial booking rates that increase at the time of checkout. So, do your search and try to reach a good company like Bhai Sahab transport in Lahore and many more like it.

Location of Vehicle 

In most of the cases, Off-Airport vehicle rental organizations offer bus transport to get you to your rental vehicle from the airplane terminal, however, if it is extremely busy, a few organizations recommend the “operator” of the vehicle hops on the bus transport and return to an airplane terminal for the rest of their group. This implies if you’re going with relatives and family members, you need to make a quick executive decision to leave them and have them wait at the airplane terminal until you return. Not perfect! If the location is quite far from the airport, any saving you may have increased on cost will rapidly disintegrate in the time it has taken from your valuable trip. 


Some small rental companies may not allow you to carry your baggage inside with you, requesting that you leave it outside. In case you’re traveling alone this is a situation you would be hesitant to experience, yet once more, not perfect for a family with little youngsters. In summary, going Off-Airport will set aside your cash on your booking but removes the comforts of collecting the vehicle at the airport itself. If the issues highlighted above, are not of importance to you, at that point it is an impeccably suitable alternative. Then again, if you’re going with family members and time is of the essence, at that point sticking to On-Airport is your best choice. Know that if you happen to book an outing at relatively short notice, you might have to take the Off-Airport option if vehicles are not available On-Airport.

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