airbags & safety feature scams in pakistan

All About Airbags & Safety Features Scams in Pakistan

The development of vehicle safety features has been developing since the invention of the vehicle. No matter you use a vehicle for your personal use or any service like Rent A Car in Lahore or any other city, the safety of passengers is the most important thing to consider. Since the first motorized vehicle was made and sold, there have been a few alterations and adjustments to protect drivers and riders. Much like any new creation, an overdose of something good can quickly turn negative.

The progress from the horse age to the motorized age would prove to be very perilous. As early as 1908, auto accidents were already noted in papers as general public health concerns. Today, the vehicle industry is vigorously regulated by governments all around the globe. Generally, government guidelines task automobile manufacturers with making vehicles that put traveler security above benefits.

Safety Features

Safety features comprise a significant aspect of automobiles around the world. Governments over the globe guarantee that these security features are incorporated by the automakers in their particular vehicles.

Lamentably, Pakistan doesn’t have the essential laws set up to guarantee that local auto manufacturers incorporate security features like airbags. Regardless of whether a few automakers are incorporating features like airbags in their vehicles, they are doing as such by their free will and not under any law that obliges them to do so.

This is an alarming situation which badly influences people driving autos and different sorts of vehicles. In case of a mishap or an accident, airbags and other significant security features can save your life.

NCAP Standard

Euro NCAP is a voluntary automobile safety system made by the Swedish Road Administration, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile and International Consumer Research and Testing, and sponsored by the European Commission, seven European governments, and motoring and consumer associations in each EU country. 

The Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) Standard is being followed globally to evaluate the efficiency of all the safety features incorporated into a vehicle. The rating demonstrates how much safer you will be in a vehicle in case of an accident or mishap.

The NCAP basis its ratings on specific features like airbags and ISOFIX points to append a child seat. Such sort of a standard has not been made compulsory by the government for automobile manufacturers in Pakistan. 

If we think about the big three automobile manufacturers of Pakistan (Suzuki, Honda, and Toyota), we can see that Toyota is giving the most secure vehicles in Pakistan. This is on the grounds that Toyota incorporates most of the modern safety features in its vehicles. All the variations of Corolla from Xli to Altis Grande contains double airbags. Then again, Honda City, Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Swift still don’t have airbags.


The Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) is a safety feature related to safety seat belts of your vehicle. ELR locks the safety seat-belt in case of a crash or a sudden stop with the goal that you don’t hit the steering wheel or the dashboard.

Nonetheless, under normal conditions, it enables the traveler to move around freely. The Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) helps to secure the kid seat in one place so that it doesn’t move around. The ISOFIX feature is another approach to lock your kid seat in place and is a modern feature as compared to the ALR.

Function of Airbags

The airbag gives an energy-absorbing surface between the vehicle’s inhabitants and a steering wheel, instrument board, body pillar, headliner, and windshield. Modern-day vehicles may contain up to 10 airbag modules in different arrangements, including driver, traveler, side-curtain, seat-mounted, door mounted, B and C-pillar mounted, knee support, inflatable safety belt, and pedestrian airbag modules. 

During an accident, the vehicle’s accident sensors give essential information to the airbag electronic controller unit (ECU), including crash type, angle, and seriousness of the impact.

Utilizing this data, the airbag ECU’s crash algorithm decides whether the accident event meets the criteria for arrangement and triggers different firing circuits to send one or more airbag modules inside the vehicle. Functioning as a supplemental restraint system to the vehicle’s safety belt system. Airbag module arrangements are activated through a pyrotechnic procedure that is designed to be used once. 

Airbag Frauds

In this area, we will reveal to you how fraud can be committed on account of airbags. The principal reason behind the incorporation of airbags is to prevent you from stun or impact in case of a crash. The instrument cluster in your vehicle is the most ideal approach to know whether there is an issue with your airbag system or SRS (Supplementary Restraint System).

On-board Diagnostic (OBD) system interconnects with your instrument cluster to tell you regarding certain issues in your vehicle. One manner by which fraud is being committed is by removing the airbag warning light from the instrument cluster. Subsequently, the light won’t work when the ignition is on, and you will have no clue about the airbag glitch. 

The pad cover that holds the airbag in and is the point from where the airbag is sent breaks when the airbag turns out. On account of fraud, people supplant this pad cover and doesn’t supplant the airbag after its deployment.

This gives an impression to the purchaser that his/her vehicle has an airbag. It doesn’t have an airbag, and such a practice is quite common with imported vehicles in Pakistan. A little resistor is also being used to cheat the vehicle’s system so that it doesn’t indicate an airbag warning.

Thus, whenever you are purchasing a vehicle, particularly a used imported one, examine all these thorough checkups to guarantee that the airbag is functional so that your life is not in risk.

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