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Absolute best thing You can do at Khanpur Dam

Pakistan is the region of natural and huge dams; each dam is more adventurous than the other. Most delightful dams in Pakistan are as follow:

  • Rawal Dam
  • Tarbela Dam
  • Khanpur Dam

The most magnificent and excellent dam in Pakistan, Khanpur dam is one of its types. It attracts travelers because of its magnificence and its enthusiastic look. It is not just a dam yet, in addition, a reservoir which supplies drinking water to the twin cities (Rawalpindi and Islamabad) of Pakistan.

It is one of the necessities that is used as the source of water for irrigation to surrounding regions as well as different cities close by. If you have not visited Khanpur Dam yet, then it is the time to book cheap rent a car in Lahore or any other city and plans a trip to Khanpur dam with your loved ones.

All about Khanpur Dam

Khanpur dam is situated on the Haro River which is close to Potowar Plateau in Khanpur Tehsil, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, country Pakistan. The dam is named after the Khanpur Village. The construction of Dam was completed by the 1980s in almost 15 years. The expense on the Dam was around 1400 million rupees.

The height of the Dam is approximately 167 feet or 51 m. The dam has a storing capacity of almost 79,980-acre-feet or 98,650,000 cubic meters of water. The surrounding of Khanpur Lake is covered with scent-full flowers, blooming trees with gardens and quiet pathways.

Plan your visit to Khanpur Dam and an abundance of different attractions, familiar and undiscovered. 

Location of Khanpur Dam

Khanpur dam is almost 50 KMs away from Islamabad. It takes a drive of almost 20-minute from Taxila Bypass on GT road to reach there and from Islamabad, it takes a drive of almost an hour. While moving towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) at Taxila Haripur Road there comes this adventurous picnic place.

Khanpur Dam Festival

For every year a spring festival is organized here at Khanpur dam. This celebration attracts a large number of visitors and tourists from twin cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, as well as from outside cities and countries. It has a bright and appealing event to show off. Water sports incorporate motorbike riding, sailing airboats, and boat riding. 

The celebration additionally delineates the cultures of all areas of Pakistan with their particular folk stories and folk dances. There is a lot of fun and entertainment at this celebration. Many Rental car companies offer Pick and drop services for this festival from the surrounding areas. This Khanpur festival comprises of many fun activities like:

Jet Skis

Jet Skis are incredible, fast, and stable. They let you go max speed without helmets. Although nobody tries to do stunts with it, it is considered that the jet skis can fly around pleasantly with the power in the engine under the hood. It costs you almost Rs 800 for each round on the skis for a two-man team. 

Motor Boat Ride

Motorboat ride across the lake is the perfect example of serenity and peacefulness. The boats are not very fast however the WAPDA house on the other bank and island is worth visiting.

Old Mosque

An old mosque on the island located in the center of Khanpur Lake is intriguing to see. It is lowered when the lake is flooded and shows up in winter months. There are also some old gravestones there of influential and famous tribes that have since quite a while ago disappeared. The motorboats take you straight up to the island and the WAPDA visitor house too. Earlier permission is required to stay at the WAPDA house. It appears to be haunted, however. Possibly some British Colonial’s soul meanders the place as there is no power there. 

Private Guest House

At the farthest end of Khanpur Dam, western representatives have their own private visitor houses on the verge of the lake. It is not open to the general public. Archery is orchestrated on request. 


Paragliding is the most fascinating game there. It requires a serious effort to get to the edge of a cliff above the lake. It can get tiring particularly if it is hot. As there is no drinking water or shade at the starting point of paragliding, so take water with you, shades, cap, and food as well. This is on the grounds that you may need to wait for the correct breeze or your turn at the cliff, under the blazing hot sun. 

Other fun activities

At that point, they also have a different kind of fun activities that includes fun boats, rock climbing, paintballs, and cliff jumping. In spite of the fact that cliff jumping has been closed since a child died there.

These are a few attractions that you can enjoy at Khanpur dam, so if you haven’t visited it yet, then further ado, book your rent a car and visit this beautiful place with your friends and family.

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