a full guide for planning a tour in winter

A Winter Tour Planning Guide

Pakistan is blessed with such an incredible geographical region, that it has different seasons and each season has its very own unique features and glamour.

Winter Season in Pakistan

Winter season however short in Pakistan yet bring probably the most stunning landscapes in northern zones of Pakistan. Pakistan visits comprise of Winter packages too. Pakistan visit and travel have been offering some of the most astonishing tour packages for newlyweds, families and corporate groups during winter and especially in the winter season. 

Winter holidays in Pakistan are very short and they depend on children’s school and college holidays. So that is when families or friends plan for traveling during the winter period of Pakistan. Normally 20th to 31st December is the perfect time for winter vacations. This time is also a worldwide holiday due to the new year and Christmas Events. So, all families try to use these holidays to spend with their friends and family.

Destination to Go

The main question is which destination to go during winter vacations. Pakistan tour and travel always believe in quality however safe visit plans for couples and families. So, there are a bunch of winter destinations. Some of these destinations are mentioned here so pack your bag and hire a cheap rent a car to enjoy your winters at its fullest.


It is one of the most outstanding places in Pakistan and a well-known traveler’s destination. Hunza is a treat for everybody in winters. It is bounded by snow-capped mountains like Ultar Sar, Hunza Peak, and Passu Peak, and exhibits amazing views alongside a rich culture as it was once a royal state. 

Some well-known spots to visit in Hunza are Karim Abad, Altit, Attabad lake, Baltit Fort, and Passu. You can also go trekking on one of the mountains.

Qila Rohtas

Qila Rohtas is located in Punjab that is a very historical spot near Jhelum. It is the most visited place that memorizes history alongside a remarkable piece of art. So, don’t delay it further, book your Rent a Car in Lahore or any other city and plan your most memorable trip to Qila Rohtas with your loved ones.

Neelam Valley

Neelam valley has become a popular destination for winter holidays in Pakistan over recent years. Neelam Valley is about 80km away from the Capital city of Azad Kashmir which is Muzaffarabad. The Muzaffarabad also occasionally gets snow during winter however it is not very common.

Neelam valley is popular for its landscapes, stream, Indian neighboring towns, the culture of Kashmir and Kashmiri Food. Neelam Valley gets heavy snow during winters and has different areas where touring and adventure lovers couldn’t imagine anything better than to go which are mostly, Sharda, Kutton, and Kieran. Kieran town is mostly part of Azad Kashmir and partially in Indian occupied Kashmir.


The capital city of the Gilgit-Baltistan area is another charming destination spot situated close to Hunza. Gilgit is surrounded by numerous valleys like Astore, Naltar, and Haramosh which give completely stupendous views. 

The city is home to delightful fruits and friendly individuals. It also has numerous cultural festivals and celebrations. 

Lake Saif-ul-malook

Lake Saif-ul-Malook is viewed as a lovely lake in Pakistan situated in KPK territory. In the winter season, this fascinating lake is covered by snow as the temperature reaches – 12-degree Celsius.

Swat Valley

Swat Valley was once Pakistan’s most well-known traveling destination for domestic tourists. Swat offers peaceful and serene locations, dynamic culture and welcoming people with an enormous variety of destination thus making your winter holidays an epic and appreciable experience. Malam Jabba is viewed as only a skiing resort in Pakistan which gets the most attention by Media just as skiing lovers.

Malam Jabba is 30 minutes drive from Saidu sharif the capital of the Swat region through 4×4 Jeep only as a normal vehicle doesn’t go to Malam Top. Swat has a rich history and culture and different archeological sites are also visited frequently. Bahrain madayn and Murghzar are some of the known areas of swat which are easily accessible during winter.


Quetta is amazingly beautiful in the winters. It is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan as a result of the tasty Pashtun cuisine, fruits and dry fruits it offers. The fascinating Buzkashi celebration is held in Quetta every year in which two groups on a horse-back attempt to snatch a goat from one another.

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