improving your car fuel consumption

8 Tips to Improve the Fuel Consumption of your Car

If you are worried about the ever-increasing prices of gas, then you are not alone. In such a situation, it is quite important that your vehicle has good fuel consumption. Many countries have been shifted to Euro 5/6 petrol and Pakistan has also adopting Euro 5 petrol.

 However, no matter you own a car or use a car for rent in Lahore or any other city, there are many approaches to improve the gas mileage of your current vehicle. A lot of these tips are easy however some may require a little work and a change of habit.

Keep the Pressure on

Driving with ideal tire pressure has a huge effect on the fuel efficiency of your car. Reduced tire pressure implies a greater contact area between the tire and the street.

Thus, friction between the tire’s rubber and the street increases, which results in higher fuel utilization. Over-inflated tires will result in lower consumption, however at the expense of grip and capacity to scatter water on the road. 

Ensure the tires are inflated at the recommended levels of the manufacturer and you’ll be fine. Also, remember to check them once per week, in the morning.

Remove Excess Weight

Fuel consumption can be reduced by eliminating excess weight from your vehicle. This can be done by eliminating your rooftop rack when you don’t use it. Footballs, deckchairs, toys, etc. may be helpful now and again, yet they cost you cash to transport. 

The secret is to make a series of little changes that help to eliminate what you spend on petroleum and diesel, beginning with a boot clear-out.

Replace Your Air Filter

Numerous car owners neglect to change or replace the air filter of their cars. This is one of the least demanding and practical approaches to improve your gas mileage.

Consider your vehicle a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum has an incredible suction that can be influenced by the level of blockage because of debris in the bag. Cleaning or replacing the bag brings back the efficiency of vacuuming. 

Your vehicle works in a similar manner. If the filter of the car is blocked with dust and garbage, the engine needs to work harder to draw in air. This results in increased fuel consumption and brings down your gas mileage. So, you must replace the air filter of your vehicle ad per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Smooth Operator

Be as smooth as possible with the vehicle’s controls. Respect your accelerator and the brake pedals and treat them gently. 

Rough and harsh speedy acceleration and abrupt brakes may be more fun on the road however harm the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Stick to Recommended Motor oil of Car’s Manufacturer

In addition to testing the best-performing type of fuel, manufacturers test the efficiency of a range of items too on their vehicles – including engine oil. This implies they’re capable of providing a list of recommendations. 

So, it pays to check your manual, and trust the recommendations of the manufacturers. In case, you are hiring rent a car in Lahore or any other city, then you must ask about the recommended motor oil or manual for a specific vehicle.

Turn Off Your AC

Running your AC puts an additional strain on your motor, which means it’s working to drive the A/C blower as well as the vehicle itself. It’s also a smart thing to not run the AC when your windows are down. The savings might be negligible however every bit matters. 

All Geared up

Change to the highest possible gear without the motor knocking. 

A vehicle utilized more fuel in lower gears when accelerating. If the motor’s not pulling, move down as opposed to pressing the throttle. 

Moving up at 2,000 rpm (1,500 rpm for diesel) gives the best blend of speed and economy. On an automatic with manual shift, quick shift to save fuel.

Avoid Prolonged Idling

Running your motor at idle utilizes generally half a gallon to about a gallon of fuel each hour, also the carbon dioxide pumped into the environment. 

This implies you’re consuming about 1.067 to 2.13 ounces of fuel each minute when you are running it idle. 

With modern and advanced vehicles being more proficient these days, you’re probably going to consume less fuel by simply turning off your motor, then restarting it when you need to move again.

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