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8 Amazing Things to Do in Lahore

The saying Jine Lahore Nai Vekhya O Jamya E Ni” is quite famous all over the Pakistan about Lahore. The city of Lahore, capital of Punjab and heart of Pakistan, has a rich and fabulous history over centuries. It’s the home to some of the best architectural buildings and monuments of all the times. However, it is not all that, this beautiful and culturally rich city offers you. Besides, buildings and monument, there are many amusement parks, royal gardens, eat outs, museums and many more. If it happened to be your very first trip to the Lahore or if you’re the local of Lahore, this would help you plan your next outing in Lahore with great activities and adventures.

So, let’s have an overview to the most adventurous places to visit in Lahore.

Dinner at “Food Street”

As Lahore is famous for its tasty treats and natives here prefer to be at such places where they can relax and have delicious food. With this in mind, Food Street is the ultimate place to visit for tourists craving for good food and locals where one can relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the Badshahi Mosque. So, if you’re visiting Lahore or planning a relaxing gathering with your friends or family then Food Street is one of the best places to be visited. For visiting Food Street, get you a Rent A Car Lahore and enjoy this lovely ambience with the most beautiful architectural views including Roshnai Gate, Ancient Lahore, and the Grand Badshahi Mosque.

Exploring “Lahore Fort & Badshahi Mosque”

The grand Badshahi mosque is a standout among the most beautiful and wonderful mosques in Pakistan. Morning time is the best time to visit badshahi mosque. In Morning, around 9 am the point at which doors of the mosque are open and light is at its best as in morning sun is at its peak, sparkling towards the front of the mosque and highlighting every little detail of this masterpiece. Besides, at the start of the day there are very few visitors in the mosque and in view of that, you can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the mosque at its fullest.Close to the passage of the Badshahi Mosque, you will discover a security line that will lead you to the Lahore Fort. Lahore Fort is a Mughal-era with a few overwhelming royal residences, greenery enclosures, and historical museums all behind the fortress wall.

Iqbal Park (Minto Park)

The immense number of parks and gardens, not to overlook its title as the City of Gardens, are demonstration of its bountiful contributions for those hoping to kick back and relax among the flora. There are many parks and gardens in Lahore are worth visiting like Bagh-e-Jinnah, Shalimar Garden, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and many more.Iqbal Park (formerly named Minto Park), is one of the parks in Lahore. The great Landmark of the area “Minar-e-Pakistan” also houses in Iqbal Park. The park is embellished with many other entertaining rides and stall for visitors.

A Fun Trip to “Joyland”

If you want an exhilarating and exciting outing then Joyland in Fortress Stadium is the best place in Lahore. The place is full of electrifying and delightful rides for every age group. Top Spin and Discovery rides are the newest and the most thrilling ones. Shout wildly while enjoying extraordinary fascination and lightness all around!

Learn the history at “Lahore Museum”

People having keen fascination to study ancient ceremonies and rituals, then Lahore Museum (Lahore Wonder House) is the right choice to hide from the heat in the afternoon and enjoy history of Pakistan. The Lahore Wonder House was worked during the British frontier time with a Mughal-Gothic compositional style, representing the Indian architectural designs through the westerners’ eyes.

See a market near “Dehli Gate”

Only a few steps away east from the Wazir Khan mosque, you will discover a way through a market that will lead you to the Delhi Gate, a lovely remarkable historic entryway. The door is pleasant yet the market is the highlight as you will meet such huge numbers of affectionate and loving natives inviting and welcoming you into their shops, an extraordinary opportunity to encounter Pakistani hospitality.

Catch a moment at “Wahga Border”

The daily military dance-like parade performed by the soldiers of Pakistan and India at Wahga Border, 24 km away from the Lahore. This parade symbolizes the peace, brotherhood and cooperation both countries share. Rent a cheap car and must witness this breath-taking flag lowering ceremony before evening!

A visit to “Lahore Zoo”

If you’re planning one day trip with your family, ensure you don’t fail to catch the opportunity to visit The Lahore Zoo and entertain your children with exciting experience of seeing wild creatures including the zoo’s greatest inhabitant, the elephant. The Lahore Zoo, situated at the Mall, is known to be the best zoo in Pakistan. Thus, don’t wait and schedule your visit by renting a cheap car.

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