7 Tips for Rental Car Drop offs

Renting a car is always risky due to lack of security and betrayal from certain companies. Now the process of renting is simple but dropping it back off can be tricky. Many people see renting a car as an unnecessary risk, which is why we have jotted down some pointers for new renters to help them steer the situation towards their benefit. Here are seven tips that every renter should take note of before dropping off cars back to car rentals.

Contact the car rental
If you experience any sort of inconvenience or notice internal damages once you started driving the car always be in contact with the car rentals and let them know everything so that later on the blame is not shifted on you and you are not liable to any damages. Rent a car Lahore can be difficult but one should always be prepared. Even before leaving, you should confirm the owner’s presence at the rental so that you can quickly drop off and leave.

Always be on time
One thing that every renter has to do is bring back the car on time. It’s just like a hotel room checkout if you take even an hour up they start charging you, same goes for these car rental companies. So, always be on time or return it back a bit before the decided time.

Pre-plan your route and check for traffic:
An hour before leaving the hotel or house, you should check Google maps for expected time of arrival and how the traffic is on your route so that you may plan accordingly. You can learn which route you will be going on and it will make your journey safer and easier, you will even feel more prepared by doing this.

Double check your rental papers
Since some major car rentals have branches everywhere in the city, it is highly advisable that you may check your rental papers twice and be sure of your destination before you set on your journey. So check that you are at the right place and avoid any hassle.

Take pictures of the car before and after always
Once you have taken the car in your custody take full before and after pictures so if the rental companies try to blame you for any damages that you were unaware about you can simply present the evidence you have kept safe and be safe from any blame or con. Remember to take pictures of the car’s front, rear and sides.

Ask for assistance
When you have arrived at the car rental service branch, the first thing anyone should do is call one of their agents, so that you and their representative can give the car a final look and see whether it is in the same position as it left in. Although it may be a Cheap rent a car in Lahore, it will still have the best customer service. Once they have done a complete checkup and clear your name, they will return the security deposit and you can go home then.

Check for all your belongings
Finally before getting off and handing over the merchandise check your belongings wisely and make sure that you are not forgetting anything behind, most travelers almost always forge something in hurry, which indefinitely leads to bad mood and regret. So make sure you check the glove box, door buckets, underneath the seats, and back seat pockets.

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